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    Simple: fall damage, biomes event, hitted by something falling or flying, some plant that impale u, be run over, some creature hit you etc... you can take a pick. And not only the suit, the base and modules too, everything need get destroyed, and as a good astroneer we need repair it at any cost... to keep alive. Ooohh shit think with me(my head exploding) : We get down on a cave and some rock fall on us and we get hypothermia by freezing because the scape of energy from damaged suit prevents the suit to keep us warm, and we need arrive at the nearest heater or create a small heater and prepare to go the base as fast as we can to repair damaged parts and... LOOK!! the base also suffered damage by some blizzard !!! (now we know how the rock fall on me) and this way we die because don't have energy enough to make a solution to this problem. (maybe if you have some battery can do something to make the base's power generator work again). The problem with Astroneer is nothing too great happens, I mean nothing surprises you you see a lot of debris but none signal of life you see a black structure that teleports you (to me is a good ideia but is no necessary after all) you see another planets in skies !! let's go in there... and... nothing great in them too I guess first contact is so good and exciting but after some hours that get tedious, so you go to another planet and more hours of enjoy but same thing happen and you go to another one but is not too exciting like the first time ... Don't get me wrong: The game is amazing and I love it, but in my mind it can be more fun and enjoyable.
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    You guys really didn't get the Ideia, I referring to equipament malfunction, your spacesuit can protect you as long as it is safe, but if it get broken or cracked that will be a problem. As I said before: extreme conditions (heat-to-meltdown our equipment or cold to freeze up like nitrogen) and will kills us if it is ignored So think with me: protect our equipament are protect our life indirectly, about stationary heaters and cooler are to keep the base and spaceship safe (and the modules too of course), and the scheme about body temperature or thermometer is to give time to you react in case of danger by heat or cold. Also medicine and the repair tool kit/mod are to retrieve them to normal stats so we'll not need create all entire base if it get destroyed eventually.
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    Yeah I think so (about space suit), but I'm referring to extreme conditions (heat-to-meltdown our equipment or cold to freeze up like nitrogen). I think the storm was removed for better optimization or to make game more childlike I guess (but I want these situations back and more hazardous biomes for all planets). I have much more ideas like these, but others astroneers have posted them too, if devs read some of them and would consider, to me is enough.
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    For second and third idea, I want to see my base get destroyed and I at risk of life... because why we found debris on planets after all ?? Some stuffs like Repair tools kit (made and using tin, iron, ceramic, etc...) and medicine (made with organic materials) Also medicine can boost player status or only heal himself blinking the screen with blue color as it blink red when we receive damage
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    Radar, weather meter Enviromental hazards Hunger, thirst, sleepiness, temperature, food, farms etc. Rope and grappling hook These Ideias make my head explode with the possibilities Dreaming with an new update...
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    Ancient Alien Ruins

    I can't believe, that's ideia is amazing, some aliens Modules, Tecnology or Ancient shrines... We'll can see how the galaxy was in the past, maybe that can make some side quest: "discover what happened with this civilization."
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    To be frank I've loved all entire stuff in the game... So I have 3 ideias to make the game more fun First: Thermal problems, add a HUD/UI in backpack to show the body temperature of Astroneer and we have another thing to take care... "What we can do with it ??" We will need to heat places to live if the planet is so much cold or to cool down places in planets too hots new objects, new tools new problems to solve. for each printer: small: backpack widgets heater or cooler (to carrier with us) medium: stationary heater or cooler (ground or vehicles) larger: Thermal stabilizer (for space ship or base) Second: agressive catastrophic biomes event "What do you mean ??" Some stuffs like blizzard, storn with (or without) rain or lightning bolts and overheat. we will need prevent against this phenomena or anomaly revesting the base; If not, this anomalies can unplug modules and cabes, make then stop working or even destroy it. We have more things to take care at same time, and of course, Ourselves by hiding inside base while everything happen. Third: Wild life form "We've said weapons aren't allowed!!" yep, but some defense system can be created! some animals, insects or "hostiles locals" to dificult our progress on planets, so we will need avoid contact with they or obstruct their passage, barricade our base or use some gas like repelent or traps to push they back. In mines or caves we can obstruct their passage using terrain tool to lock they in holes or walls (not killing they but only make then stop chasing us) Of course each one of this topics can or not exist on some planet, so the biome in this planet will rule if they can or not happen
  8. The bug is: some stuffs make sound on wrong speaker of headphone, like medium generator for example, only makes sound on left speaker regardless of my position in relation to it. (other objects are affected by this same bug too, Research Chamber also included). And the second bug is: The Terrain Tool make sounds on wrong direction regarding to my position. To exemplify: If I use it on my left side the sound goes to right speaker, and if I use on the right side the sound will go to left speaker. My computer is a high-eng-specs and all problems I've spotted was in Desolo (and other planets as well) after the 1.0.7 update.