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  1. I think you are absolutely right, and I agree with you. So that is why I said, it can be a DLC. It can be an optional DLC, if anyone want to play it, they can buy it and play. And can be uninstall temporarily. When need it, it can be installed again.
  2. I think those invasion or creatures can add more purpose for our base and architecture stuff. I have played terraria, forest, starbound, zombie project, don't starve and MC before. Well, too me, the most attractive game is terraria, and it is the game I played for longest time. lots of elements and stuff prolong the game's life-span. This game really has a great potential.
  3. Why cannot you guys add a "Zerg" invasion system to attack players' bases? Or add some hostile or neutral creatures? Or add some Boss and plot to this game as a Charged or free DLC?