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  1. There's not much to say other than that performance is ridiculous with version 1.0. I'm aware its a big update and performance has tanked for everyone but in my particular case the game became unplayable. Intel i7-8750H (overclocked) + RX Vega56 (via Thunderbolt) + 16GB RAM + Quadro P1000 (testing all in 1440p) Games usually perform as expected with a lot of games averaging >144Hz on 1440p on High Settings. There's certainly no issue with this particular machine when it comes to other games. On the latest Radeon Drivers, the GPU maxes out, all while delivering 20-50 fps depending on the location. The Game runs with 40-60fps on the built in Quadro P1000 (~GTX 1050). I did driver reinstalls / cleaning with DDU / disabling GPUs / testing on internal and external displays but have not found a solution. I hope you can look into this. I'm happy to give further information of requested.