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    Vehicle stuck to unopened core building

    Thanks! I actually got it free. By repeatedly headbutting it I managed to kick it over to a section of normal "down is down" terrain.
  2. Still a problem in rev Blind Io's fix didn't work for me. I want Astroneer to start on monitor 2 which is set as my main display. (Display Properties: "Make this my main display" checkbox) But the game still always starts on monitor 1. Tried switching main display and switching back, no dice.
  3. Oxygen

    Vehicle stuck to unopened core building

    Here's a screenshot of the predicament my large rover is in... high-centered on the peak of the core spire. When I mouse over it it offers the flip option, but when I try to flip it moves around but doesn't actually go anywhere. I think the converging gravity fields are gripping it in place. Hope the devs remember that when a lot of folks get to the core they do so in vehicles. My advice is to make the spire tips flat relative to normal gravity, so you have a convenient place to park. Before i reached this point, this rover decided to jump inside some rock in order to adhere to the core surface. That's wasn't fun. I succeeded in digging it out and getting it free, but then drove it to the top of the spire and had this happen. 😅