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  1. OK, thanks. I will wait again before resuming the game then. I will try to see what happens on xbox one x.
  2. Little question to the xbox players that we are trying to update. Does the game slow down further when the base expands?
  3. It's not because they do not mark anything that they do not do anything. Search a little by yourself. Look at the roadmap. The Discord page and you will have all the answers to your questions. It's a very small studio. But they work very hard to improve their game. Just like me play another game until they improve performance. It will save you a lot of frustration
  4. This update and certification for xbox. She will arrive before the weekend normally. We'll see what happens with all these perf optimizations. We can always hope.
  5. Yes if the EFT version works well we will have it early next week on Xbox too. Hoping that performance is increased on xbox. We cross fingers. This is an update well done work.
  6. Patch pushed back to xbox. We'll have it soon. The problem of end crash and settled with the upcoming Patch. More than a big push of the level of performance and the game will be at the top on xbox.
  7. In view of what is said on Discord the solo on xbox is not a priority. And I have the impression that 3/4 of xbox players have abandoned the game for now. This situation is heartbreaking. Apart from waiting again I do not see what we can do. Patch 1.014 will not be released on xbox. We will have directly 1.015 or not
  8. It's a joke. It's a fake it's not possible.
  9. On Discord there is a semblance of communication.
  10. Maybe on Discord. And still not sure he answers you.
  11. After if it does not bring anything to the single mode on xbox the disappointment will be great. I am already preparing to be disappointed. In principle we have the patch at 16 hours so with the time difference.
  12. OK thanks for the clarification.
  13. Yes thanks. Do you think solo performance will be increased? Or that the multi? I saw a partnership with gearbox to help them on astroneer. That's good news.