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    Seams in the terrain

    That happens to me every time, new gaps appear when i save-load. This bug has been annoying me for almost a year
  2. PentagramPro

    Multiplayer doesn't work on steam

    I figured out what happened. Its crazy simple and stupid. The game is not considered as started until you leave your pod. Once you leave pod once, the game becomes accessible.
  3. PentagramPro

    Steam multiplayer not working

    Same problem for me, and we have a really good internet connection. It also used to work for us before 1.0
  4. We used to play Astroneer with my wife when it still was in early access. One of us just created the game and another joined it via Steam friends list. But that doesn't work anymore. "Join game" is grayed out in steam friends list. If I try to join in-game using coop menu, it says she is "not joinable" and she is not in the list of friends in the game. I tried disabling windows defender, tried hosting on my computer, nothing really helps.