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  1. Yo juego en pc, compre el juego en la tienda de microsoft. Tenia dos pas¬°rtidas guardadas, una el mundo solitario, i el otro, el multijugador. I al entrar ahora, las dos han desaparecido, se han borrado. Alguien tiene alguan solucion?
  2. Hello, I complete Sylva core and I don't get the suit and the colours. And when I go to Vesania i don't get the achievement of "towards the forest" of Vesania.
  3. yeah and when are freezes the game stop and close
  4. Luigiio

    multiplayer not working

    yeah, with my friend of xbox and I of Microsoft pc we tried and Ican't joined to her party. The game put "Could not find sesion". I prove to restart the computer and the xbox but I was not going. Please repair the crossplay to xbox and microsoft pc.
  5. Luigiio

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    Hello, I found a bug. When I complete the core of Sylva I don't get the suit of terrain. And the achievement on Microsoft are bug, because i go to Vesania and i don't get the achievement of " towards the forest ".