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  1. Lluís Morillas Solà

    Freezes when just walking or running from place to place

    yeah and when are freezes the game stop and close
  2. Hello, I complete Sylva core and I don't get the suit and the colours. And when I go to Vesania i don't get the achievement of "towards the forest" of Vesania.
  3. Lluís Morillas Solà

    multiplayer not working

    yeah, with my friend of xbox and I of Microsoft pc we tried and Ican't joined to her party. The game put "Could not find sesion". I prove to restart the computer and the xbox but I was not going. Please repair the crossplay to xbox and microsoft pc.
  4. Lluís Morillas Solà

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    Hello, I found a bug. When I complete the core of Sylva I don't get the suit of terrain. And the achievement on Microsoft are bug, because i go to Vesania and i don't get the achievement of " towards the forest ".