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  1. MustachedSquid

    Basebuilding ideas

    Hello. Ok so I have tought of some ideas for basebuiding. 1: Triangular platform, we already have curved ones, why not a triangular one. 2: large version of the medium platform C, because I want a large circular platform. 3: some way to remove cable clutter, in very complex bases there starts to be alot of cables around, this kinda ruins the looks sometimes, yes I can run the cables underground but that is quite to much trouble, and its ugly seeing cables clipping into the ground. Maybe a long (or adjustable size) "rod" platform I could attach to a wall exclussively for transporting cables/oxygen, this would look realy nice. 4: So we got the ring storage, wich activates the special slots when you walk though. Well, it only has 6 slots, wich is a bit pointless for "storage", I would like a bigger version with proper storage space and the same special slots 5: same has above but witch special tier 2 and tier 3 slots. That could be the start of automation, Just walk near your platform and your machines start up!
  2. MustachedSquid

    Overhyped Wanderer update

    Hello Astrobeam! Ok so I just read through this entire post and while I agree with some parts of it theres something I realy feel like saying. You complain the games "endgame" is bad and theres no repetitivity, well, you forgot a huge chunk of it, the game is a SANDBOX game, wich means the true "endgame" is your imagination, yes maybe the chess platform, hoops and recreational spheres are not that usefull in exploration and stuff like that, but if you can imagine and play it like it would be a sandbox game you can come up with fun uses for them. System era themselves have said in the "why tho" talkshow (or however that was called) that astroneer is a toybox for players and imagination, so you should actualy start thinking about the game in a sandbox way because thats what it is.
  3. MustachedSquid

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    Exactly, for an earlygame someone first goes to desolo 90% of the times, and since in early games we probably dont have a batery, rip nights
  4. MustachedSquid

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    Ok so, I am deeeeeeeeeep inside the caves, connected to theters all the way up, suddently, the power generation goes down, what am I gonna do??? DIE! and when I come up, theres gonna be no oxygen! only in my shuttle! so I will be stuck there until the sun raises or wind decides to come back (ik theres generator and rtgs but you sometimes early game or dont have organic). Plus the starty habbitat only produces one amp of power that it woiuld make it useless at all. This is a bad idea has the oxygenator is a basic survival item and would make the game super skillfull hard, unbalanced for some people, and anoying, just no.
  5. MustachedSquid

    STRONG SUGGESTION: Talk To Your Playerbase

    try out theyr discord, they talk alot there
  6. MustachedSquid

    Quest Book / Objectives

    well we have some sorta game goal, were you unlock suits and such, and a cool endgame, if you wander around any planet you will see some gasey blue beacons head to one, you will find a thing, you can power that thing, power requirement varies from planet to planet, after you activate one of those, you will unlock a special one of tghose things in the core, you can dig there, and you use a resourse to activate it, then there will be something more, try and figure that out (I tried not to spooil much)
  7. MustachedSquid

    Just stop

    They sayd the current mulktiplayer system will remain, but there will be payd servers for allowing cross platform play, but you can still freely use teh drop in coop inside yourt platform we have now
  8. That is no longer possible, SES removed it, if you try and do it now it will just lock you in orbit whit no option to click any planet
  9. MustachedSquid

    A slot for a power generator on the shuttle

    Well, the problem in this idea is, that slot would just be exploited has storage for the small shuttle, the small shuttle is meant to have no storage capacity, people already exploiting the oxygenator slot for that, also for early game carrying a t2 power generator on this ship sounds pretty useless, has you wont have any yet probably, so people would exploit it has storage.
  10. MustachedSquid

    Details in research catalog + measurement item

    Hmm sounds like good ideas, Description sounds fun, even has a old player myself I do forget few stuff sometimes and would be nice to know them trough a brief description. the measurement item also good
  11. MustachedSquid

    put the retro suit for sale or make available

    No, the retro suit was added for Early access players, its our reward for supporting this game, making it a DLC would just invalidate its value for early access players, you should have bought the game while in early access if you so wanted it. Plus SES dont wanna add DLCs or Microtransactions
  12. MustachedSquid

    Small RTG / Portable RTG

    no it doesnt self recharge
  13. MustachedSquid

    More power generation

    Hello! Today i was playing and suddently started thinking of something, so, we have some new power generation methods, solar array and RTG, but theres something missing. I mean, the solar array is just a bigger solar panel, same solar panel concept, and the RTG, was actualy a nice endgame adition, but, pretty boring after a while, I mean, unlimited power for free? by the time you unlock one you can build tons of them! So my idea was adding diferent power generation methods, here are my ideas: Hydroeletric generator: (this one would require adding liquids, and so, water) this one could be fueled whit water, pephaps a water canister? Or maybe would require to be placed inside a water pool/ocean and consume it slowly. Thermal Generator: This one follows the same RTG concept, unlimited constant power, cheaper to unlock/build but will only produce power if deep inside caves (were the planet is hot), pephaps the deep in the mantle or outer core. Hydrazene generator: I heard this from many people, why not be able to use hydrazene has fuel? If you are desperate in power but have spare hydrazene you could use it to get some power. Atmospheric generator: So, if we access the astropedia and we click on planets we see some: Average atmosphere, thin atmosphere no atmosphere, but what is that information real use? What if we could use a Atmospheric generator, the thiner the atmosphere the less power would be produced (and in planets whit none then no power), the more atmosphere the more power would be produced, this generator should not work underground, maybe? Well, so these are some of my power generation ideas. Hope you like them!