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  1. Honestly i’ve come to enjoy this bug as a sort of “price of teleportation”. you might die doing it. but it’s not good when a bug becomes a mechanic.
  2. i’ve been on a nitrado server for about 20 days now. I initially started having trouble logging in about two weeks i to having the server. the folks at nitrado moved me to a new server, when that didn’t work they loved me from Miami to New York to see if results might better. they are not. We’ve run a tracert on the connection from my PC to the server and there are no issues. I’m not able to run a tracert from the xbox. im currently running astroneer on vanilla Xbox One, using standard nitrado server for astroneer and there are typically only two players in the game. when i choose t log onto the server the loading continues but at the point where i can begin to hear the objects around me i get “lost connection to host” over and over and over. and then it will work for a day. im on latest version as of today, whatever that is. is there any insight that i can get on how to fix this because i love this game but I can’t keep fighting with this sever stuff.
  3. So far i have only seen this issue in multiplayer. i will explain the setup so it will be clear that this setup has no issues and would work fine. Extra large curved platform holds one soil centrifuge, one medium storage in middle slot, one large storage silo B with six medium soil canisters and two soil canisters to get them loading the centrifuge. Auto arm on separate platform ads to a table of medium resource canisters until they are full. overall there is between 8 and 15 power going to this setup, never so little that it wouldn’t run and when i checked this the table had full power. mid the arm cannot remove material fast enough it will spill out to the medium platform and even onto the silo In the last few days i’ve used this setup to make one medium resource canister at a time. last night i tried filling up to four. after the first can the soil centrifuge stops. i check on it and it is acting as if there is no power to it. cannot press start, button is blacked out, repeat is still showing on. machine shows it is full of soil still and there are no items left u loaded. machine simply will not start. i moved the machine to a different table. no luck. unplugged table. no luck. i built a new centrifuge and put it in the exact same place and setup. three medium cans got made. the fourth did not and joe a second centrifuge is in this unusable state.
  4. this issue continues. Xbox One Vanilla. has happened at two gateways so far. The one i can confirm is North Gateway on Calidor. steps to reproduce... activate gateway power somehow step on to platform with oddstone select oddstone unselect oddstone jump off platform towards the now-sunken power connectors player takes immediate death damage i watched this happen to a friend first, then me as i jumped to his death spot
  5. Thanks Foe the update Gina. Looks like the hotfix is a success. I am grateful!
  6. Cannot load saved game after summer update. New game works. Xbox One
  7. Please at least make the quick pick up key an option. I use this constantly and I have no issues without this. Especially for gamepad users this makes picking up a lot of items very slow. This feels like a punishment. Please return this option. Please.