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  1. As an update; this bug is still present for me in 1.0.9.
  2. Summary: All achievements in Steam are locked, despite completing tasks. Description: After playing about 20 hours, many of the achievements I should be getting (like Scanning a research sample, building a rover, changing suits, etc.) are not popping up in Steam at all. This may be a similar root cause as another issue I am having with multiplayer on steam as well. It appears that Steam and Astroneer aren't communicating to each other except starting up the game. Platform: Steam Version: 1.0.7 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v.1809 | Build 17763.316 CPU: Intel i5-4670K 3.4GHz GPU: MSI NVIDIA GeForce 1080 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw 4x4GB DDR3 Drive: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB Steps to Resolve: Restarted Astroneer Restarted computer Reinstalled Astroneer Started Astroneer as Admin Removed and readded Astroneer to the Windows Firewall
  3. Hi Atilla, I've restarted on a couple separate occasions to try and fix the bug; however it has not worked yet. That being said, I still did restart for posterity and the bug is still present. Anything else you folks did to fix it? Or was it just the reboots?
  4. My apologies for not using the template, I tried to edit but turns out that's not available. Here's the added information on system specifications. Specifications: OS: Windows 10.0.17763 CPU: Intel i5 4670K GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 RAM: 16GB
  5. Hey All, I've got a weird bug that's shown up; that I never realized until a friend of mine bought the game and we've been trying to play co-op. Basically my "friends list" is not populating. System Information Windows 10.0.17763 (Up to date) Steam Package Version 1550534751 (Up to date) Astroneer Version 1.0.7 Bug Description This has been present before 1.0.7; but I couldn't tell you for how long Despite being up to date with all patches, the "Friends List" is not populating, and it is currently impossible for me to join or invite anyone to my game. It doesn't appear to have affected my friend at all - just me. See the picture I uploaded. Reproducibility It's always present, in the main menu and when playing a save game. Steps Taken to Fix Restarted the game Restarted steam Verified game cache Uninstalled/Restarted Computer/Reinstalled Astroneer Ensured Astroneer is allowed through the Windows Firewall It also doesn't look like this has appeared at all through my google searches, so here I am posting a bug report. Let me know what other stuff you need to know!