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  1. I'll give that a shot later and see if that helps it. Thanks!
  2. Yeah idk, it was pretty normal (30ish fps?, normal for console anyways) up until today's update. I don't really play anymore, but I saw my GF was playing on the Xbox and I was like WTF, why is it so slow compared to the last time I saw you play (2 days ago)? I would try it out on my computer, but I'm sure it'd run fine as I've got a high end rig. Seems to be an issue with Xbox users.
  3. Same here, Xbox One X. It's legitimately unplayable. Tried everything to get it to run faster. Thought it might be the 4K, changed to 1080P, runs even worse. Devs, PLEASE ROLL BACK THE UPDATE!!! We just want to play : (
  4. The attached video is the fastest it runs too, most of the time it is much slower than that.
  5. Title says it all. Today's update makes the game borderline unplayable on the Xbox One X at 1080P, max FPS is around 10. When I played the game two days ago it was running pretty normal at 4K, but after today's update it's completely ruined. I thought maybe turning off 4K would help, so I switched to 1080p and restarted my Xbox. That made it even worse, not sure how I'm getting even worse FPS at 1080P, but that's beside the point. Currently, regardless of if I'm in a vast open area or there's lots of trees/objects, I get at most 10FPS. I wish there was a way to roll back the update because no