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  1. Greggho

    Principle of scientific exploration

    Never said KSP is dull - 326h logged on Steam myself, many more on Alpha, Beta and such even before the science expansions... Also, KSP science is basically a currency/experience factor for the game - or did you actually ever moved the kerbals around the mobile processing lab, handling samples and microscoping stuff? ehheheeheh
  2. Greggho

    Principle of scientific exploration

    let's not beg for this AT ALL this game should be lighthearted as is, IMHO
  3. Greggho

    You can make a base from the soler panel crash.

    AWWW F**K this game has TONS of potential for emergent gameplay :DDDDDD
  4. Greggho

    Principle of scientific exploration

    I would like to make science with MY GUN, now that's a systematic enterprise I can endorse. Why the volcano on this planet AND HOW MANY AP SHELLS ARE NEEDED TO CRACK THIS SUCKER BACK INTO THIS PLANET'S NEOGENE PERIOD. Dude, tbh, right now methinks the game leaves a LOT in your imagination. See how simple the orbit mechanics are - if they were complicated/realistic as, say, Kerbal Space Program, the CORE game would be made dull. ...unless the game studio's intention is to have BORING LAB SCIENCE(tm) as a core activity in an EXPLORATION game. I doubt, but I could be wrong. Yours is a valid point, but I don't see it fitting this "minimalist exploration game" in any near future development.
  5. Also, right now there's a way to do this: Just walk/run forward (preferably not in a straight line into a fiery pit) and press START (or MENU whatevs) It's a pain in the bun, but it is MUCH preferable to almost cripple your fingers EDIT: DEVS, please don't remove this glitch right now!! It is obviously not by design, but it is actually a PURE GOLD feature!
  6. Greggho


    I +1'd this so hard I actually went Back to the Future
  7. 'NUFF SAID My left thumb HAVE HAD IT with those motherfreaking gas plants in this motherfreaking cave! A simple "TOGGLE RUN [Y/N]" or, even better, add a relic feature from games long forgotten such as The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind - press [key] to engage cruise control and run FULL THROTTLE STRAIGHT AHEAD until you're flung from a 90ft drop. This small feature alongside frame rate improvements (which is no small task, also, good luck with this one fellows!) will make this game already worth it's buck!
  8. Hi Astroneer engineer/computer dev folks! Love the game, played 20h+ in two days hahahaahah So, the old tether was a no-go: 4 hours in it chugged processing like a power hungry astroneer... BETA ANNOUNCED, REJOICED, got slammed hard: The new tether system works GREAT, major FPS improvement (still with some nasty hiccups when moving around and/or moving the camera, but MANAGEABLE). BUUUT the update utterly destroyed the energy distribution system, both in OLD saves and NEW ones too, although in new saves I couldn't reproduce it; it happens randomly. Basically some buildings tether the O2 from life support but skip the energy flow - dunno HOW... see screens - a new hangar says "no power" when connected to the base, with energy a plenty - a handy turbine solved this but check this out: the truck that was born in this hangar, if I connect it to other modules in the base, the game just plains CTD(!) see attached log. OBVS couldn't reproduce all this base stuff in a NEW game, but seems like it is a mix of no cross-save functionality + weird code. I'm adding two logs - the newer one is directly related to this issue, the older one happened out of the blue, in STABLE 2.90.0, while space travelling (this game was IMPOSSIBLE to play in the home planet anymore due base being a major FPS killer) Also, for some time, after the beta was updated, using the cursor function in my gamepad (XBox 360) also panned the camera around - don't know if I did anything but went away. No issues found with the tether themselves and they are, in fact, MUCH better and more logical! A lot changed behind the stage, that part is clear Let me know if you need my save files Specs: Win10 PRO x64 v1607 build 14393.479 i5-3450 8GB RAM GTX 960 2GB Running Astroneer off an SSD Steam (Astroneer latest beta)