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  1. Not fixed as of 1.0.15. It sure would be nice to play the game with sound and not have stutter.
  2. For a great example of how to do communication really well, look no further than the Factorio devs. They always post detailed patch notes, take feedback seriously, respond to bug reports quickly, and keep the community in the loop on what's going on. I especially like that when they post patch notes they often link the forum post where the bug or issue was reported and discussed.
  3. Heh... Seen that in a number of games, especially funny when it happens in skyrim. Usually it's related to a mess-up with a mesh's skeleton (often related to physics) where one of the bones gets stuck or pulled really far away for some reason. Still not as bad as a failing graphics card I had back in 2007: Needless to say, corrupted vertex buffers are very noticeable. Problem was fixed on replacing the card.
  4. This is why I back up save files often and manually of course (%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames). This game's save system is really annoying, as you cannot manually save to a different file and can only rename it in place. In most other games that I can, I save between multiple files incrementally, so if something happens like a bug, crash, or save corruption, I can easily restore. But either way manual save backup is good to do. The other option they don't offer is to to quit without saving. Now the fact it saves when you enter a seat on a vehicle has been helpful, since you can reload to back when you entered the vehicle. This has help me many times recover from those types of bugs.
  5. 8 RTGs are more efficient for me to carry around. Once repacked, they fit on my backpack along with the diamond drill for gateway traversal or a single medium storage if by shuttle, and less total items to manage.
  6. 8 RTGs, started on Atrox, due to finalizing the gases needed to make them. Also by the time I can make 1 RTG, I always have enough ingredients to make at least 8 of them. I shed RTGs as I work my way backwards by order of power requirements. All engines are unlocked by this time since all bases are created next to a surface chamber. Easy.
  7. Just make a solid fuel thruster.
  8. As of 1.0.13 this problem is unchanged. Still have to play with the sound off.
  9. Lots of issues can be fixed with autohotkey! I already have a toggle that spams the mouse wheel while driving to keep the camera zoomed out, and a toggle that pulses the drill so the vehicle does not get stuck and fall through the terrain. Once again, AHK to the rescue! Thanks for that!
  10. That's odd, the ones I knocked free were gone when I reloaded the game. Maybe it depends on how (re)embedded or spazzy they are when the save occurs. Still beyond annoying. I spent as little time as possible on the surface of this planet. Activated all the gateways as quick as possible then left.
  11. Like this? See if saving and reloading removes them. It's probably faster to hop out then back in the rover and reload, than it is to actually try to deal with them.
  12. Like this? sinking_feeling.mp4 I have reached the point in my current save where it generally performs like garbage, which is why I had process properties open. CPU never goes above 20% use max, RAM use never went above 6.4GB, IO (hdd, etc.) was almost nothing since I am still playing with the sound system disabled... GPU use was less than 20% and so low that it sits around idle temps. For those curious, my system is a hexa-core running at 4.1GHz, 64GB of RAM, and 2x GTX 1080 Tis. None of which is being very well utilized in this case... So what must be causing all this waiting? Waiting... too much threadlock/synchronization? Thats a lot of threads dedicated to a "TetherNetworkSingleton" "Update" method... I have actually removed most of my tethers from large networks and isolated as much as possible with their own oxygenators. Still it seems late in the game performance is far worse, and like you mentioned it seems to vary per planet. My worse experience so far has been Novus and Glacio. Glacio was okay very early game, but now... I don't want to go back. I remember way back in early access, by the time I would get to my third planet, performance would get bad enough that I had to stop. Thankfully my saves perform better for much longer now. So about the vehicles sinking with the drill running... does it happen more often when the ground seems sticky? Like when you run around on foot and the ground seems to lock you in place like this? ground_lock.mp4