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  1. I would disagree on the grounds of the technology not being unreasonable, but the gameplay benefits have to be balanced. The kind of hovercraft I would consider to fit would not be in the large category. They wouldn't be a replacement for the rovers or even the tractor. I would like to see a hovercraft somewhat like the stingrays from Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel Obviously without the guns. Maybe a single two point attachment at most. Or two tier 1 attachments. Basically, an advanced version of the buggy. Just for scouting, but better at handling the often rough terrain. Though since
  2. I will preface by saying, I don't know how other games do it specifically, I don't work in the industry, I just like games and know that sometimes, this happens. If the dev team were to release some kind of development tool or framework (eg, Bethesda's Creation Kit) and let modders create some of the great ideas in this thread, I believe that it could speed the progress of game development. Minecraft horses were a mod before they were added, and they were added because of the mod. Imagine the hovercraft idea that we've all seen being developed by a modder instead, then when System Era is
  3. Honestly, I don't really understand what you mean by this, but other than that, I like the ideas presented. lol This one especially caught my eye because it is a control feature that sounds really good, rather than a new item, and that means it is far more likely to be plausible in the game. I love it.
  4. wait a second... You can put thrusters on land vehicles and they function!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!?!?!?! my life is now changed
  5. I agree and disagree. I move modules from platforms to vehicles semi-often (usually large storage) and having to detach the platform every time I do this would not be ideal. But a lock function, like using the unpack function a second time to lock and unlock to platforms (and vehicles), would be great. *wink wink, I just gave a good keybind, wink wink*
  6. wait, the terrain tool equip button isn't used on the vehicle for anything either. Why not just put that to be drill power, then the cycle buttons (c/v and lb/rb) be drill aim without any tap/hold functions. it uses all the existing buttons, but avoids making individual buttons do multiple things.
  7. The left bumper on the Xbox controller isn't used at all while in the vehicle. Only the right bumper is tied to drill power (unless that's just on my large rover because the drill was on the right side?) so instead of reworking both buttons, just have the right toggle drill power, and the left toggle drill aim lock. (and the c/v keys too, obviously)
  8. Maybe it's just me, but tap/hold controls just never feel smooth. They're always kinda clunky, and not super friendly to learn.
  9. What if you only want to change a tiny bit? You wouldn't be able to just tap the button because that would toggle drill power. I don't know the xbox controls, but I assume clicking one of the sticks could work to lock the angle. Actually, I'll plug my controller in and see how the game feels with controller so I can make a more informed opinion.
  10. I totally agree that an improvement to drill aim is important, but the tapping vs holding could get frustrating for precise changes. Instead, one button could power the drill on and off, and the other could lock and unlock the angle set by the camera. It piggybacks off the current system with just one added button feature instead of a button rework. I do agree that a locked drilling angle should stay locked to the vehicle, regardless of drill swap.
  11. I love the convenience of strapping a drill onto my large rover and digging a massive tunnel, but this quickly becomes an hour of me trying to get back to the surface after falling through three cave layers. So I have two item ideas to improve the vehicle drill functionality. Both could be attached directly to the drill head just like how terrain tool augments are attached directly to the terrain tool. 1. A ram or plow or grinder or anything to allow trees, boulders, and other stationary items that are not broken the same as terrain deformation to be moved or destroyed. 2. A bridge/r