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    I know this seems like a stupid question, but here goes. I am running the Windows version (not Steam) and I can't figure out how to have more than 1 save. I had a bad experience with tearing while drilling to the core and the only save I had kept taking me back to the problem area and I couldn't go back to a time before the tearing issue.
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    Low framerate on xbox

    Not spreading rumor, simply stating my observations.
  3. Have same problem
  4. Brian Brinkley

    Low framerate on xbox

    I noticed this last night as well (after update), but it only happened to me when using the research chamber.
  5. Brian Brinkley

    Tether limit?

    Here is what I have done. With less than 3 hours on and 2 small tether runs, 1 on surface and 1 into cave, I lost the ability to add tethers to either line, but I could create a new tether line (didn't have enough resources to make more). This was all on PC, I noticed it started to lag a bit, so I upgraded my video card and it took care of the lag issue. After that, I was able to add more tethers to the existing lines. Fast forward to last night, the patch came out for the XBox and I played on it for a bit and ran into the same type of issue, I couldn't add any additional tethers to existing lines. I also noticed that when I placed research material into the research chamber, what should have been about 20 minutes took over an 1.25 hours to complete and the game was EXTREMELY LAGGY. I waited for the research to continue and the game returned to normal speed, but I still couldn't add additional tethers. I went back to the PC and I could add more tethers.... No, I didn't cover the surface, nor do I feel as though I have placed an unusually high amount of tethers. The majority of my tether lines are running into 2 separate cave systems and I use the tractor to explore the surface of the planet vs using tether lines.
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    Tether limit?

    I was wondering if there is a limit on the number of tethers allowed in a string. I have created 2 different strings and both have stopped allowing me to add tethers (I haven't counted them). This happens on both my PC and XBOX.