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  1. The basic idea is to allow sending rockets to remote places without actually being inside them. Especially in multiplayer it would be possible to send resources "home" or to an expedition team on the same or other planets. Landing pad naming One prerequisite would be to assign names to landing pads via a console. The landing pads could be a fixed positions or stored on rovers until needed. Autopilot device I would suggest to simply add the autopilot functionality to the hydrazine booster. Just add a panel to select the destination from a list... If sufficient fuel is available and the platform is deployed and not occupied - press start to launch the rocket
  2. Actually, that would be my second iteration of the idea (this post is the third). Idea was from My first idea was to have planetary medium sized one way containers (1 compond to build) that can be sent from a large sized building using energy. They target special medium storages (1 resin, 1 beacon) that could be placed anywhere and try to store the things they receive... (As it is impossible to store bigger things than medium sized properly at the moment). My second idea was to have an extra large building (the space port would be a good option, I liked it in the tutorial) that has two large slots for interplanetary cargo containers (which actually are cargo rockets) which could be sent to other similar buildings. Main thing is the limited capacity coupled with the imposibility to unload those without major changes in the game. So I went to the easy to implement third version which uses components that are already in the game and reuses the medium rockets that you wouldn't use for anything else anyways. Plus, landing pads are mobile
  3. Igoooor

    New buildings and functions

    Generally speaking, as written in the pinned post, you should add a lot more detail to your ideas. (Instead of having 3 ideas in 2 sentences) 1a. "blazer reclaimer" (what does that mean?): I like the general idea of repairing stuff, but I think that should not be done in a building. More like a medium sized vehicle attachment similar to the drill. Maybe I'll add a related idea later... 1b.: I also really like that general idea of having the possibility to send (up medium sized?) items to remote bases. Problems will be selecting the destination and storage capacity on the receiving end... Maybe the receiving end can be a smaller station. Maybe I'll add a related idea later... 2. Low orbit flight with possibility to land anywhere (?): The were a lot of similar suggestions, would make things too easy in my opinion
  4. Igoooor

    A couple base building ideas

    1. what would the use of such a station? Except for when it would be an old one to explore 2. you can build walls with your standard tool... As for players: I didn't know there was PVP in this game... Then you'd need separate starting areas with build limitations for others first! 3. some at least optical shelter progress would be nice, but there are no official progress to go shopping with yet. To make the player invest resources there should be advantages involved when "upgrading"
  5. The Mining, Utility and Lifting Exoskeleton (M.U.L.E.) is a large size transport robot that is intended for late game. It has 2 arms, 2 legs, a pilot position on top (which still allows access to the backpack) and a medium connector/storage slot in the back. One each shoulder is one small slot. There is no default power or oxygen storage included, so the mule will drain power from the player when doing stuff. 1. Mining The right arm works like the player's tool, with the increased size mod always active (which leads to energy consumption while in use). It has two small slots on the right outer side to use with canisters and mods. 2. Utility 2.1 Legs connector The legs have 2 connectors each on the bottom with have the sole purpose to store the mule on a large storage space. 2.2 Back connector The back connector is medium sized and has a power plug. When plugged, the storage space is not available. When plugged to movable objects, the mule can actually pull up to medium sized rovers (so they finally have a purpose), the more, the slower. 2.3 Leg utility (basic) Each leg has a role. The right one is the speed leg which increases the general movement and allows sprinting. (2.3.1) The left one is the jump leg, which allows jumping much higher/further. (2.3.2) Each leg has an integrated slot (like a small square missing) which allows to alter or enhance the role. If you put hydrazine canisters into the slot, the corresponding role will use this as fuel to boost its role. It will allow for even higher speeds (right) or hovering/horizontal flight (left). (2.3.3) 2.4 Leg utility (alternatives) The alternetives always overrides the "empty" role. I tried to match the effects to medium sized slots, numbers are not fixed Small generator (2.4.1) does actually add 3 organic slots. Medium generator, boxed (2.4.2) adds one corbon slot. Small battery (2.4.3) adds a 5 small battery equivalent of power storage. Medium battery, boxed (2.4.4) adds a medium battery equivalent of power storage. All power options enable power tether. Oxygen tank (2.4.5) adds 5 slots of oxygen storage. Oxygenator (2.4.6) does what it does. All oxygen options enable oxygen tether. Canister (2.4.7) does add an equivalent of 5 canisters. Any material stored here is moved into empty canisters on the arm slots. 3. Lifting The left arm is used like carrying as a player. It can "store" one up to medium size item. It can actually lift bigger items than the player, which has a constant energy cost and slows down depending on size. There could be an option to "throw" up to medium sized items. (3.1) 4. Exoskeleton Costs should be like 2 steel 1 nano and 10k+ bytes. If you work as a team, each player can fulfill a different task. Leg slots can be switched if the mule is empty, which allows for quick adaption. Basic movement should consume tractor-ish amounts of energy. I'm open for more utility suggestions and general feedback, all numbers included are open for discussion
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    Vehicle idea: exoskeleton "M.U.L.E."

    I like the adaptability of the leg concept, but yes, it might be too confusing. It could be possible to stick with small attachments instead of allowing boxed mediums... The drill cannot build things, which i would like to do while being mobile. The shredder or whinch would fit on the back slot if needed, but medium shredder is just too small in my opinion...
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    So true. When useful ideas get pushed into page 2 nirvana by useless duplicates in one day
  8. Igoooor

    Mobile Tethers in Backpack

    You can already do this with vehicles and platforms, what would be the advantage of having a player being the mule?
  9. Igoooor

    Automate the chemistry lab.

    If its just research materal i second this. At the moment any raw material can be researched, so prepare for unforeseen consequences
  10. Igoooor

    Element Synthesizer (spin-off Chemistry Lab)

    We already have the centrifuge and trading, why would you need another kind of similar option?
  11. Igoooor

    An Automation Idea

    I've suggested some "lower level" automation some time ago - I think large scale changes like conveyor belts and bots won't happen within next year My idea would be to add the possibility to automatically transfer items between platforms with different direct connection types... https://forum.systemera.net/search/?&q="automation idea"&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles
  12. Igoooor

    Trains and tracks

    There has been a huge topic about trains:
  13. Igoooor

    Let us pick up rovers

    Then you'll need something with flight capabilities
  14. Igoooor

    Let us pick up rovers

    I like the fact, that the large rovers are not made for rough terrain... Another option would be to add more limitations the bigger the vehicle.
  15. Igoooor

    Handheld Shredder

    I would think of it as some kind of deatomizer augment which looks like a reversed building process which fills up "waste" canisters that can be traded. BUT I would make it have a huge energy consumption to compensate for being a small size universal tool
  16. Igoooor

    Let us pick up rovers

    That you still would have to build proper roads inside caves instead of just lifting your stuff up and down cliffs. Make it possible but not the better option Or keep the reach and restrict movement...
  17. Igoooor

    Let us pick up rovers

    I like the general idea, maybe with a lower max reach in comparison to normal items
  18. Igoooor

    Dropdown list for backpack-created items

    Thats a really good idea! I would prefer the second option, pre-sort the recipes by ingredients an make putting an item into the printer slot switch the selected recipe to the first one using this (so clicking to the right afterwards will go through all others with the same component)
  19. The "blueprint enhancer" (BE, name can be changed) is a large building which allows the combination of a medium items with (multiple) small items. The idea originates from my "global updates", idea which was a bit overpowered (See link) The building: The BE is build kind of like a research chamber combined with multiple small slots in front like a smelter. The player can put up to medium size boxed items on top. If there are enhancements available, the small slots in the front show the blue ghost items. If already enhanced, the item is shown as a purple ghost items. There is a panel which starts the enhancement process. Enhancements: These ideas are open for discussion and can be of course extended. - platform + worklight = lighted platform - soil centrifuge + (up to 4) soil canisters = larger soil storage - tether + worklight = colored tether - rover seat + beacon = integrated beacon - buggy + beacon + small generator + medium storage = buggy with integrated beacon + runs on organic (but has no battery) + has 2 more small slots - medium generator + small generator = also runs on organic but burns faster There are a lot of possibilities for useful combinations, those were just some examples. Costs: Should be late midgame, so there should be like 5k bytes and gas based resouces involved. Do you like the general idea of such a upgrade building? Do you have good examples for useful upgrade combinations?
  20. Igoooor

    New complex machines/systems

    There were also a lot of other suggestions like trains, elevators, automated drones and vehicles, just browse through the last 20 forum pages
  21. Igoooor

    New complex machines/systems

    The main problem is, that the prerequisites for such a big machine are missing. As long as there is no automation, there can't be even simple "machines". I've already posted some ideas about automation concepts: https://forum.systemera.net/search/?&q=automation idea&search_and_or=and&search_in=titles
  22. Igoooor

    Conveyors to automate transferring materials

    So it can grab from "everywhere" and will put things somewhere in flow direction? That can definitely cause problems when smelters are involved...
  23. Igoooor

    Hyrdrazine only ONE Ammonium

    I'd rather have the soil centrifuge values lowered a bit...
  24. Igoooor

    Conveyors to automate transferring materials

    Your description implies that the conveyor only moves things if the local storage is full. If that's the only thing it does its not that much of an advantage... And just making everything one big storage has other "unforeseen consequences" as discussed here:
  25. Igoooor

    Conveyors to automate transferring materials

    I suggested something that was kind of going the same direction some time ago...