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    Shuttles automation

    Had something like that about a year ago, but just half as my suggestion was just for one way trips
  2. Igoooor

    Automation / Conveyor Belts

    You would need carts and stations for a rail system. Or do you want a conveyor belt that looks like a rail?
  3. So you want a highly complex system of various pipe types that is based on a 3D engine that only consists of simple blocks implemented into Astroneer?
  4. This for example. How should the unloading work? Is there a force field, big robot arm, big suction device? How is it connected to storage? How should the "organized" part work?
  5. I really like the idea of having automation in this game. There are a lot of cool concepts in your post, but the specific implementation details on "how it should work" are missing - maybe you could add some
  6. I love the idea to create a safe shelter but actually don't see a point in creating small rooms. I would see more advantage in having something like a shield sphere - you place a "generator" that generates a round spherical zone around it (like the gungan shields in StarWars Ep 1): - the generator consumes energy + the size can be increased with increasing energy consumption - oxygen is being filled if available - effects of storms are neglected - effects of dangerous plants are neglected ? Player energy is being replenished? ? Vehicle energy is being replenished? That way you could have a base covered by overlapping shields or place a shield on a vehicle next to your mining spot
  7. Igoooor


    Add that button to the storage
  8. Igoooor

    Eject button!

    Oh, and on the original eject button idea: You could add that button to a storage unit!
  9. Igoooor

    Eject button!

    Had a topic on an exo-vehicle some time ago
  10. Igoooor

    Inventory Management Item Sorter.

    The ideas in my head are much more refined than the confusing stuff I wrote back then I should make a new topic with example pictures
  11. Igoooor

    Inventory Management Item Sorter.

    Forum didn't want two different links...
  12. Igoooor

    Inventory Management Item Sorter.

    If you are looking for a more sophisticated larger scale automated item transfer solution you can take a look at my pipe connector idea:
  13. Igoooor

    Backpack quick drop

    Problem with hotkeys is that this game is multi-platform and you would have to have free keys on the game controller...
  14. The main idea is to add an advanced version of the medium storage. Effects: - the storage has a panel that allows to set an item filter to limit the resources it accepts (e.g. "resin", "soil canisters", "smeltable resources") - if an item is pushed into storage (e.g. soil centrifuge finished producing) the corresponding filter storage has a higher priority of getting the item (but still lower than a printer) - add the icon logo of the filtered resource to the storage ? I don't know if the player should be able to manually add other resources... Cost: - some "advanced" resources instead of resin (e.g. plastic) - or a global upgrade (see my research idea topic) Uses: - force production facilities to store things in a sorted way - more possible additional functions... Additional function ideas: - add a button to pull the filtered resources from local storage (like a printer) -> get all resin from mining trailer into sorted storage - add a button to pull the filteres resources from player backpack -> put all manually harvested resin into sorted storage - add a button to push all stored resources into local storage -> pull from one place, store at another place - allow the filter to be set to production recipes (e.g. all resources to craft a research chamber) -> get all the resources needed for the new base one building after another (pull from large storage, push into shuttle) - allow the "pull resource from storage"-button to make the chemical lab/soil centrifuge craft the missing requested resources -> more automation
  15. This topic was created before there were silos in game, but yeah, totally could work for any dedicated storage
  16. Igoooor

    Storage Lock by type see notes

    Well no, your power plug item transfer system does pull from one platform an pushes onto another one - this "filtered" storage puts a priority on things that are getting pushed into a platform. Work well in conjunction put different things
  17. Igoooor

    Inventory Management Item Sorter.

    Small items only require one ingredient, but you won't need that many of those. The question is: in which game phase it should be available? I see it more in the mid game!
  18. Igoooor

    Storage Lock by type see notes

    I kind of had a similar idea before there were silos
  19. Igoooor

    Inventory Management Item Sorter.

    I really like this idea, simple and elegant. And most importantly: it fits in your inventory! Any suggestions on byte and material cost?
  20. Igoooor

    Mine Carts and Rail System

    Ideas like trains, conveyor belts and rails come up quite often! The interesting part would be the details on how it should work, what are the costs etc...
  21. Igoooor

    Automation mod

    Sorry, didn't mean to be toxic or too negative! I'm actually working in process automation and would really love to see some automation possibilities in game - but prioritization is up to the devs... You also seem to have a lot of ideas regarding this topic The "other things that come up frequently" was referring mostly to beacon/map/satellite ideas that come up like every month...
  22. Igoooor

    Rover IO

    You want to build an infinite rover conveyor belt?
  23. Igoooor

    Automation mod

    Depends, there have been a lot of new things integrated into the game, automation is still a thing to come There have been a lot of topics regarding automation, a lot of other things come up frequently and don't make it into the game If you want, you could search this forum for "automation", there have been a lot of interesting concepts since 2018
  24. Igoooor

    Advanced suit design

    Nice drawing, totally sufficient to give a good idea of your design! I like the idea of folding parts in it, but as it looks right now, items won't fit in the backpack while closed... Maybe you could add a telescopic part that extends the "wings" before folding 90 degrees. On the game design perspective though: The game is heavily balanced around the player inventory space, it will be hard to keep the difficulty level/progression speed when adding more slots...