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  1. Had something like that about a year ago, but just half as my suggestion was just for one way trips
  2. You would need carts and stations for a rail system. Or do you want a conveyor belt that looks like a rail?
  3. So you want a highly complex system of various pipe types that is based on a 3D engine that only consists of simple blocks implemented into Astroneer?
  4. This for example. How should the unloading work? Is there a force field, big robot arm, big suction device? How is it connected to storage? How should the "organized" part work?
  5. I really like the idea of having automation in this game. There are a lot of cool concepts in your post, but the specific implementation details on "how it should work" are missing - maybe you could add some
  6. I love the idea to create a safe shelter but actually don't see a point in creating small rooms. I would see more advantage in having something like a shield sphere - you place a "generator" that generates a round spherical zone around it (like the gungan shields in StarWars Ep 1): - the generator consumes energy + the size can be increased with increasing energy consumption - oxygen is being filled if available - effects of storms are neglected - effects of dangerous plants are neglected ? Player energy is being replenished? ? Vehicle energy is being replenished? That way you could have a base covered by overlapping shields or place a shield on a vehicle next to your mining spot
  7. Oh, and on the original eject button idea: You could add that button to a storage unit!
  8. Had a topic on an exo-vehicle some time ago
  9. The ideas in my head are much more refined than the confusing stuff I wrote back then I should make a new topic with example pictures
  10. Forum didn't want two different links...
  11. If you are looking for a more sophisticated larger scale automated item transfer solution you can take a look at my pipe connector idea:
  12. Problem with hotkeys is that this game is multi-platform and you would have to have free keys on the game controller...
  13. This topic was created before there were silos in game, but yeah, totally could work for any dedicated storage