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  1. Igoooor

    Mine Carts and Rail System

    Ideas like trains, conveyor belts and rails come up quite often! The interesting part would be the details on how it should work, what are the costs etc...
  2. Igoooor

    Automation mod

    Sorry, didn't mean to be toxic or too negative! I'm actually working in process automation and would really love to see some automation possibilities in game - but prioritization is up to the devs... You also seem to have a lot of ideas regarding this topic The "other things that come up frequently" was referring mostly to beacon/map/satellite ideas that come up like every month...
  3. Igoooor

    Rover IO

    You want to build an infinite rover conveyor belt?
  4. Igoooor

    Automation mod

    Depends, there have been a lot of new things integrated into the game, automation is still a thing to come There have been a lot of topics regarding automation, a lot of other things come up frequently and don't make it into the game If you want, you could search this forum for "automation", there have been a lot of interesting concepts since 2018
  5. Igoooor

    Advanced suit design

    Nice drawing, totally sufficient to give a good idea of your design! I like the idea of folding parts in it, but as it looks right now, items won't fit in the backpack while closed... Maybe you could add a telescopic part that extends the "wings" before folding 90 degrees. On the game design perspective though: The game is heavily balanced around the player inventory space, it will be hard to keep the difficulty level/progression speed when adding more slots...
  6. Igoooor

    Auto starting research chamber

    Like a "push and hold start" for infinite production feature
  7. Igoooor

    Auto starting research chamber

    Haven't played in a while, but if basic resouces can still be researched the auto option should be limited to the item type you started with to avoid "unforseen consequences"
  8. Igoooor

    Backpack quick drop

    Or lift the whole platform Could be a possibility, don't know if it's practical...
  9. Igoooor

    Auto-place tethers

    Well, can't find it neither Was more like "hold button to auto tether" if i recall correctly - but the same principle as you suggested (or as implemented in factorio)
  10. Igoooor

    Resource Compactor

    Maybe it creates a medium sized chunk that gets smaller on each use... Makes for easier handeling as you only have one piece to move but won't fit on small slots! To make it somewhat useful it must have at least the same capacity as the biggest medium storage...
  11. Igoooor

    Backpack quick drop

    The problem is that you cannot "link" to a storage so the assignment where to put the items isn't distinct. Maybe it could work the other way - let the storage pull from your backpack
  12. Igoooor

    Auto-place tethers

    Been suggested before, still a great idea!
  13. Igoooor

    Autonomous cargo missiles

    It's more refined because the concept was discussed in a different thread before Keep your ideas coming, maybe just try to add a little more structure and wait some time before actually posting it to give it some internal development/refinement time
  14. Igoooor

    Binding Actions to Mouse Buttons

    Main point will be the multi-platform aspect of the game... But rebinding or double binding should be possible, I agree!
  15. Igoooor

    Quality of life suggestions

    The Navigation part has been around here all the time, don't expect anything to happen But I like the highlighting part!