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  1. Igoooor

    Local Multiplayer/ Splitscreen!

    I think just displaying the screen of one player already exceeds the limits of refresh rates, so I think it won't be in a "playable" state with two screens (split)... Option would be nice anyway
  2. Igoooor

    Player Equipment System

    It's actually not a "firearm" or something destructive, which I would interpret being the restricted thing. Just don't call it a gun and it'll be fine
  3. Igoooor

    Building Stuff (Maybe)

    Missed to reply on topic 1/2: I like the S to XL storage size system, why would you change it? If you could upgrade parts of vehicles to get higher speed/more battery etc I would like it, but right now, I don't see a real point in building out by parts... 3: maybe add a button to change seats while keeping camera angle? Kind of hard with xbox controller in mind... 4: agreed 5: they could use more "friction", yes 6: make it a customizable option, agreed
  4. I like the idea to have better versions of things for late game, so thumbs up for the general idea. Some details: - I would settle it more late game, so I would require some resources that needs a common gas - soil tank an silo are underwhelming when comparing to M storage with canisters (except for the price) - how would you control whether silo and tank are loaded or unloaded?
  5. Igoooor

    Building Stuff (Maybe)

    Maybe he thought it looked better in C++?
  6. Igoooor

    Fast-travel to the landing pad

    I've suggested some autopilot functionality in conjunction with landing pads some time ago, if there was like a 10 second countdown between setting the target and liftoff it would be possible to board the shuttle and use it the way you described..
  7. Igoooor

    Building Stuff (Maybe)

    A function that post "+1" pasted twice
  8. Igoooor

    Conveyer belts or mine carts.

    As long as there is no automated way to load/unload belts or carts, it's obsolete. The only useful thing I can think of at the moment would be to move things from one platform to another. My solution would be:
  9. Igoooor

    Need more storage?

    Maybe you should get rid of the middle wall and arrange the items diagonal on the sides that they would actually fit inside the box...
  10. Igoooor

    Need more storage?

    I really like the model, but don't see any real in-game value yet... Maybe: Items inside the box count as in players storage (but not connected to player tool) and the player can use his tool and sprint while carrying the box. So grab a box of tethers and start moving... Or a box of battery and oxygen There should be a possibility to store those on regular platforms - like a 2/3-slot toolbox shelve as medium sized item
  11. Igoooor

    Auto transfer between connected platforms

    There have been a lot of suggestions regarding this topic, but automation is not really a focus by the devs... My variant would be:
  12. Igoooor

    Homing platform

    I really like the idea, but this would allow some serious abuse in public multiplayer
  13. Igoooor

    Vehicle idea: exoskeleton "M.U.L.E."

    Wow, amazing! What I really like: - the industrial look - the top open cage platform - the general placement of hinges, actuators and tools - it looks as it would be able to perform all necessary movements - the worklights What I would focus on: - the "multipurpose" part on the legs - getting a more "asroneerish" look while keeping the general appearance
  14. The player can carry up to medium sized items... So as this would be more of an early game item, what capacity would be fitting in comparison to the medium storage?
  15. Igoooor


    There are a lot of people who don't read beyond page one and have just joined the forum. My best "organisation" idea would be a topic "list of automation ideas" where you actually don't post ideas but just links tio them with a very short summary (which should be stated in the first post). Every time a new idea pops um the thread is "revived" so those interested in the topic will keep track of what has been suggested...