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  1. Igoooor

    New way of transporting items

    There have been a lot of "make some kind of conveyor belt" threads, but nothing really refined... Plus - belts in 3d are complicated! My intention was to create something that uses existing game mechanics (to be easily implemented) and forces players to do things in a structured way...
  2. Igoooor

    New way of transporting items

    I've suggested a pneumatic tube small item transfer some time ago, that can move items between platforms in two different ways:
  3. Igoooor

    Special Filter Slot for Silos

    +42 Kind of had a quite similar idea before there were silos... With some additional features
  4. Igoooor

    Backpack Upgrades

    I think giving a medium slot to the player would really be too much. You could attach a seat with a player inside who has a seat with a player inside who has a seat... Also getting few more small slots would be like astronium cost level for me as this throws off the balance of the game. I would tend to make some kind of upgrade building to change the players backpack instead of some attachment...
  5. Igoooor

    Character Upgrades

    I also tend to make complex suggestions, but in my opinion this is to complicated... The main points for me are: Give the player an option for a speed boost. Give the player an option for a jump boost. My suggestion to this would be to have small modules that can be put on your backpack and give a slight boost consuming power. If you really want to have a big boost you have the option to attach a hydrazine canister and put it on one of your upper slots to swap it on/off via trigger. Kind of had the same variant in conjunction with an exo suit...
  6. Igoooor


    They won't force you to use them But it would be nice fluff wise to build some kind of road network with proper signs...
  7. Igoooor


    That would be a really nice addition to the game! Give us a limited choice of standard traffic signs and also give them a slight glowing or reflective effect... As for cost I should suggest 1 compound for a stack of 4
  8. Igoooor

    Automated Shuttle

    Don't get me wrong, I really like the idea! My refined version: 0. allow to assign a "color" (or name) to landing pads and shuttles 1. allow any shuttle with hydrazine thrusters to be sent to a landing pad after a short countdown (so you could actually board or abort) 2. allow any landing pad to call in a shuttle with hydrazine thrusters 3. have a special big landing pad that includes a hydrazine tank and some storage space (like the one in the tutorial) that can be set to either load or unload shuttles from/info its storage. I could think of a lot of situations to use this, the "limitation" is just the fact, that you would need a lot of shuttles and landing pads if you have to load/unload them manually.
  9. Igoooor

    Automated Shuttle

    Well, but if you could send it to the landing pad next to your gas production and call it back when it's fully loaded it would actually be even more comfortable
  10. Igoooor

    Automated Shuttle

    As long there is no automated way to load/unload its kind of limited in usefulness. Kind of hat the same idea some time ago: There was another idea to be able to call shuttles from remote locations which would also work good in conjunction (but I can't find the topic)
  11. It would have some side effects like smelting all organic if you would just connect anything... I've suggested two different ways of moving small items (pull and push transfer) some time ago... https://forum.systemera.net/search/?&q="automation idea"&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles
  12. Igoooor


    Maybe it could also be used to repair scrap...
  13. Igoooor


    Actually not... I would think of it as a medium sized block that attaches to other things.
  14. Igoooor


    I like the general idea, I would suggest to make the update cost the exact resource difference between the two size versions. So you really "pay" more just the cost of the updater itself...
  15. Igoooor

    Local Multiplayer/ Splitscreen!

    I think just displaying the screen of one player already exceeds the limits of refresh rates, so I think it won't be in a "playable" state with two screens (split)... Option would be nice anyway