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  1. On XBOX ONE X: - Finaly scene finish without crashs - while playing the game crash after 20-30min while walking around Now, I've enough from crashing-Astroneer. It will be erase on my console and I will say "good bye"
  2. On my XB1 X too last weekend in final scene before credits and saving the game
  3. Loading/saving the savegame on XBOX is around 10 times slower as the PC-Version. Perhaps this make problem with crash on saving...
  4. XBOX ONE X: Crashs when I save the game and in endscene are still not solved with this patch. Like same problem in 1.0.13: When you fix it finally?
  5. I can‘t understand, why the devs don‘t post any comments here in this forum!
  6. This is probably the realest problem...
  7. Not sure, devs read your idea, but I hope so!