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  1. 1.0.7 fixed the cosmetics issues that 1.0.6 brought. Thank you. I still can't finish the final cut scene without crashing, and even though I've tried to see the end of the final cut scene multiple times, I've never actually seen how it ends. It's XBox though, so my crashes are automatically uploaded. Those 40 or so crashes on the satellite trying to watch the final cut scene are me. The general lag and crashing are still a very big issues. I read about turning off the research chamber, and since I don't need one any longer, I'll give that a try.
  2. This is my first post to the forums because I've just dealt with the bugs since alpha(especially seeing many of my issues on forums already), and I accepted that it was an alpha, but this really bothers me. I had just unlocked all the suits, palettes, and dances that are available without total completion of all achievements. I was going to make a post at an earlier date saying how I couldn't finish the final cut scene after unlocking the satellite because the game kept crashing during the final cut scene, but I thought I would wait until the next update and see if that helped. Well, the next update happened and now I don't have any of the cosmetics any longer, as they are all locked again, even though I retained all the achievements. I play on Xbox, and I am connected to the internet. The latest update was 1.0.6 and was supposed to solve issues with the lag and continued crashing, but it seems like it did nothing to address these issues and just made things worse. I still try to play and gain the remaining few achievements, but the lag and crashes are still so bad that the real challenge is being able to save any progress before the next crash.