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  1. Hanbri9

    World lag and New mode

    They are going to “attempt” to fix tethers for the 7th time is more accurate.....
  2. Hanbri9

    Where are the Dedicated Servers!?!!?

    They gave a roadmap but nothing in it that says what they are working on. No comments or transitions showing things that are currently being worked on.....
  3. Hello again! 1.0.9 is still unplayable in the late game..... I have crashed four times in the last 15 minutes when entering my vehicle on glacio...... WHY is this still an issue? You add the rtg to be able to be shredded but you don’t fix the crashing? Why would I want to shred an rtg, I would much rather be able to play the game.....
  4. Hanbri9

    It’s Friday and no 1.0.9???

    If they aren’t going to be making console updates, the should revert console to 1.0.7 and say “I’m sorry you don’t get space suits if you want stable gameplay”. That way the console will stay at 1.0.7 which was stable and then keep pc at 1.0.X
  5. Hanbri9

    weird crashes

    People have said that 1.0.9 was coming out today (Friday the 1st) but it’s friday and we have no patch....
  6. It Friday, people have said that 1.0.9 is coming out today.... it’s been a week since I was able to make any progress due to crashing when trying to save. Or crashing while walking around. Or crashinfbwhen trying to use the save and quit method. I play on xbox one x and there needs to be a patch, or fevert to 1.0.7 when the game was actually playable.
  7. To be honest.... what would you rather have, a space suit or stable gameplay? I’ll yake stable gameplay over a space suit anyday!
  8. Hanbri9

    Trailor Power Throughput

    Test it with an rtg, they are the most constant and stable power provider.
  9. I haven’t been able to make almost any progress since the 1.0.8 hot fix. I tried for hours and I couldn’t even take off from Sylva it was so bad. Get out out of the same point, walk around, crash. Get into something, crash. Mine anything, crash. Get into ANYTHING , crash. Its been almost most a week.... they need to revert to 1.0.7 because 1.0.8 is so unstable and horrible.... common guys.... *my favorite part about this game is doing the exact same thing I just did for the last 20 minutes because my game crashed...... -said no one.
  10. 1.0.7 was significantly more stable then 1.0.8. Please bring back 1.0.7!!!! I will sacrifice my space suit for a stable game.....
  11. If I could lower my graphics on Xbox I would.... but there is not an option to decrease my resolution
  12. Hanbri9

    Low framerate on xbox

    I suggested this before.... but they need a planet regen option. Keep the cores unlocked, but default the planet surface to untouched to reduce the game file size and increase performance.
  13. I was hoping after not being able to play my Xbox one x all weekend that they would have a hot fix out for the 100% crash issue every five minutes or every time you get into a vehicle it crashes as well.... Anyone else upset that they can’t play their game?
  14. Hanbri9

    Low framerate on xbox

    (I play on xbox one x)I bought a 500gb external solidstate today, uninstalled and reinstalled on external ssd. Still have the exact same crashing and super low frame rate issue.
  15. Hanbri9

    Crashing While Watching Ending Scene

    Same, I have see. It three times. Never been able to complete it