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  1. Xbox One X , Single Player Wow. I'm surprised. The performance improvement is noticeable even if it is still bad. For that spontaneously obstacles appear before one on what is tolerable. What surprises me most is that I can save again. I had only 2 hours to test the patch but until now improvement is in sight. The end cutscene is still crashing. But at least it seems like I could activate the last gateways and the store is again. Hope I did not post that too early.
  2. I play on the X. Thanks for the advice but I have tried everything. Have 5 Savegames with each patch a new one. Always the same. Lies with the developers. I'm powerless. Must wait or forget the game.
  3. And I hope they also do something for stability. What a use to see the crashes always smooth and in 30 fps? Ok when performance was the reason for crashing. But only the randomly crashes I think, the save thing could be some other problem
  4. If they don’t do much work on the technical state soon, there will be no future.
  5. There was only one drop, after the first 5 , 6 hours. Then it runs low constantly. You never saw? Here you can... It‘s like slow motion. And near Endgame it’s starts to crash randomly and when saving.
  6. Oh crap. It would be better not to leave the game because he always saves there. I'm surprised that you can not get into the rover. Normally, it works at a distance very early and if you zoom far out. Suffocation is of course not synonymous. The only thing I can think of is inviting a friend in multiplayer and bringing the rover closer, or putting a seat within reach or where it works. If that does not help maybe with the Terrain Tool try to glitch out of it. Maybe with a wall or ramp then press up. If you already have dynamite he can place one of them, that should be enough. The habitat nothing happens so no fear.
  7. Yes, I understand that. I also changed the game and will wait. Will always test it when an update comes to track the development. I do not think that's what the next update will do. Not so much that it helps me to have the same motivation again. In my opinion, the terrain manipulation system is very simple and should therefore not be the big problem and justify this state , let alone release it in that.
  8. ... and crashes randomly, and when trying to save. and if you just do the bare necessities, take the shortest path and cut short to see the end, the game thanks you for a crash and laughs at you. So, you see, there is no Astroneer on Xbox too. You are a happy that you do not have to get this suffering and misery.
  9. The following has been reported 1000 times before by 1000 other players. And if none of the developers solve the problem, there will always be more and more unhappy astroneers. The game is just unplayable in its current state. Since release with 1.0 a technical catastrophe. With increasing progress, the performance gets worse and worse and saving takes longer. Random crashes are every few minutes. Crashes when saving make it unplayable towards the end. When you reach the end of the story, the animation crashes too. Video of my 2nd Savegame started after Patch 1.0.6. Endgame, Glacio Chambers ready, on the way back from starship landing site to fetch rover. Here I’m stucked at this Savegame (2 of 4 meanwhile). You see the performance and when I enter the rover it crashed to dashboard. (Not recorded by Xbox)
  10. PTry the red button directly. Believe me. I know it’s work different from the other consoles. And push it 2 Times
  11. Because this is a 'true' in one property of the object code. The crashes are still an inexplicably mystery to themselves , or not repairable mistakes in design and concept or they have simply no plan and it is almost lost. I have not been able to play since 1.0.6 and meanwhile have started the third savegame ending with the same problem at similar size of progress. At 10 min of play time - crash, save - crash, move and drive - slow motion and frame rate - 10 to 15
  12. That it doesn’t worked was a bug. Now fixed. Reading the patch notes might have solved the mystery. 3 threads befor this.