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  2. Vicomt


    Medium storage units can now be toggled from flat to upright no matter what part of a table they're placed on, which makes them awesome. Not sure whether you can get more power per square area out of a large table filled with mediums, flattened and filled with small solars, than you can get out of a large solar... must try that sometime.
  3. Vicomt


    Yep, I'm seeing the same thing, tether placement is way too variable and randomly results in disconnected tethers that don't attach to the ground. not life threatening, but bloody annoying going back to re-place them to continue the tether line.
  4. Vicomt

    Other use for Portable Oxygenator

    I find it rare to tether off a vehicle, but it can be useful for caving with trucks, sometimes you just want to have a central-ish point and not move the truck and tether out maybe 1 or 2, just to get the edges of the resource nodes.
  5. Vicomt

    Super storage unit

    You're right, I'd forgotten about the large storage with medium storage combo, so yes, it *should* be possible. maybe it's just a bug?
  6. Vicomt

    Super storage unit

    The only problem with the new storage units is that they don't work with machinery - I think it's because it extends the owner hierarchy another level, i.e. platform holds a silo, silo holds resources, and transfers any resources attached to the silo to the machine, when needed. Now we have platform which holds a large silo, a large silo which holds a silo, and a silo which holds resources, and the resources will not then be used by machines on the same platform. but yes..... hella storage.
  7. Vicomt

    Bug while exiting large rover v0.6.5.0

    I'm always Fatso, so I've never noticed anything different between different characters.
  8. Vicomt

    Please, increase traction for the rover.

    @MarckI disagree - when they give us more options to get a FLAT* surface than horizontal or 60 degrees from horizontal - THEN you can keep the low torque. If I create a flat angled surface, a large rover cannot haul a medium rover up it. and that's broken. now, if we could nicely create 10/15/30/45 degree slopes, fine, kill the torque as we don't need it. and when I say FLAT, I mean FLAT - not fake flat with ripples. FLAT.
  9. Vicomt

    Mineral Extractors fill from crane?

    Also, it's really difficult to get a 4 large rover train to actually move. the last rover seems to be out of physics range and refuses to budge. I know I've had it moving, but will it move now? nope.
  10. Vicomt

    Mineral Extractors fill from crane?

    I've been having so much fun with this, there's just ONE fly in the ointment. you can drill and transfer straight to the extractor you can drill and store dirt in canisters, if the canisters are between the drill and the extractor, if they're behind they won't fill, the extractor will, but then you start burning. this would be fine as.... canisters will auto-fill the extractor..... unless they're in front of the extractor I think the extractor is acting as a "hard stop" in the act of choosing where the drilled soil can be put. It gets to the extractor and doesn't check any more. I'll have to check this with two extractors.
  11. Vicomt

    Bug while exiting large rover v0.6.5.0

    New Game, Large rover, open 1 seat on the top, makes the thing jump around. move the seat to on the front and it stops - this makes me think there's an issue with the location you move into when you get off, maybe it's inside the rover and when physics kicks in... boing. I've also noticed that stringing 4 large rovers together in a chain can get rather.... bouncy when turning it round, wheels intersect and craziness ensues Also - having worklights on the end of large rovers seems to impart some kind of phantom force, moving them backwards or other directions.
  12. Vicomt

    Bug while exiting large rover v0.6.5.0

    yes. it seems less prevalent, but still happens
  13. Vicomt

    Getting stuck on flat ground

    been happening for a looooooooong time. really annoying when you're carrying research or something like that, because you can't jump. I've found that stopping, moving sideways, then starting forward again helps.
  14. Vicomt

    Bug while exiting large rover v0.6.5.0

    my rover chain in my old game also wouldn't get itself up out of the caves, although my ramp is at like 45 degrees. it was so bad a large rover wouldn't even pull a single large rover trailer up the ramp when it used to pull at least two. Also bouncy rovers. I hate getting out of them atm, as you don't know whether they're going to bounce in the air, or dig themselves into the ground.
  15. you can research a single compound, resin, or pretty much anything to get enough points to get tethers.