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  1. Erm, hey? Can someone authorise my bug report please...?

  2. Oh, I'd also renamed the save in game, just before starting this session (in case that's relevant), from "World 1" to "Game 1".
  3. This was the exact scene, having recently returned from Desolo for the first time. The launch pad placement preview had also been like that whenever folded away (no mouse over), wasn't sure if it was a bug or not. I'd positioned my newly minted medium rover and linked up the winch to try and haul the pad without packing it up, but I hit the frozen vehicle bug for the umpteenth time, so had to fiddle with that (modify the terrain under the wheels, etc). Then, once the rover started moving (wheels pulling weirdly out of position) the game abruptly crash out. Reloading the save it instantly crashed out again. Zip of my "SaveGames" folder attached, ".dmp" file and DxDiag: 2019-02-19a SaveGames - crash and corruption trying to tow unreal-v0-2019.02.19-05.00.21.dmp DxDiag (ZeroGravitas).txt I got it to reload after deleting the most recent "AUTOSAVE_1_2019.02.05-12.31.49.sav" file (co-incidence, or not) but then it crashes out after about 5 minutes anyway, having tried doing different things. I can upload those later saves too and video of the initial crash, if wanted. I'm guessing you guys are utterly swamped already, though, with the influx of players and reports... I've been archiving my save daily, so I might go back (and loose a hour or so's play). But needless to say I'm pretty disappointed in Astroneer "1.0". 😒 I'd been playing to take a break from my involvement in the TerraTech community, including contributing a lot to their bug reporting forum. Astroneer seemed pretty polished to begin with, and I've really been enjoying the immersive escapism. But the bugs have been increasing rapidly by around the time of getting to Desolo. Death by randomly teleporting up through terrain was kind of an adventure to recover froom, but the endless vehicle freezes, sketchy winch implementation, incorrect collider of loads atop medium rover & 360 flips on righting it... And now this totally grinding my play to a halt. It kinda seems like there's no such thing as finished and functional game these days. I really want to love this.