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  1. Wow I could, finally, activate my first gateway. Damn. That's great news. Thx for that update !
  2. I prefer to wait until it gets fixed than replaying a whole game just for that Without even knowing if it'll work. I obviously did something their code didn't like and could very well end up doing the same. Playing's fine, but I gotta work too Anyway : I'll wait. Thanks Probro.
  3. I move around planets with 8 RTG, platforms and extenders. None of the gateways do nothing. There's sound and animation. Center pieces go down. And... nothing happens. Really pisses me off.
  4. Well thanks Biostar. I've been updating it a bit yesterday. All resources will appear with arrows indicating when they're found on the surface or/and underground. But it'll take some time. I'll upload the updated version whenever it's done.
  5. +1 Destroying a huge satellite to end up with smoke as a reward really feels petty. It took me so many hours of game to finally have the time, courage, resources, etc to make my first dynamite. I was excited like a kid in front of the Christmas tree. And ... nothing. Not even one debris. This definitely needs to be improved. Structures to destroy should need 1, 2 or more dynamites depending on their size. And the amount of debris we collect should depend on the size of what we blow up.
  6. Solution that also helps with the fact that a too long network of tethers from the one oxygenator from your main base makes the game lag : Travel randomly far from your base with an oxygenator on the Rover. When you decide to stop somewhere and dig : set a new tiny base (package all you need on the Rover). A Medium platform B, a Medium Wind Turbine, a Medium Battery, a Beacon + the Oxygenator. And you're good to go from any position on a Planet. Usually I set a green Beacon on the Main Base. And other color(s) for the other temporary bases just meant for exploration.
  7. +1 on that. Yeah that's bad I agree. An oxygenator on any platform, even in the large shuttle : CAN tether oxygen. A Rover can power a whole base, it definitely feels like a base on wheels and you'd sure expect tethers to work if an Oxygenator was placed on it. But it does not. It feels very wrong I agree.
  8. As a beginner I found it hard to figure out where to find some resources in Astroneer. So I spent my 6 days playing this sandbox game collecting infos and gathering them in an excel Spreadsheet. Credits to Gamepedia for a lot of what's in there. I post thereafter a link to the Excel file I patiently build those last few days. This way you can edit it and add/remove whatever you want. You'll also find in the .7z attached a .psd with all the png+transparency icons I used. In the excel file : columns with numbers correspond to my own stocks. Every time I leave a Planet, I take a minute to count my stocks and I write down how much I have of each resource. This way whenever I come back I know precisely what to bring in the shuttle. It also helps to see which places offer the most of each resource to gather. So get rid of those numbers and write your own. Ultra useful. You can see a preview of this excel file at the web link below. Took me some time to do that as I was playing. Hope you'll find it useful Cheers. Astroneer Resources Guide Preview : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12F0RyGGRIzoJ8eKaBZGkn6REKpfG4HXxuTFEnCR6lWI/edit?usp=sharing Astroneer Resources Guide (Excel Spreadheet) + icons http://hansolocambo.com/wp-content/uploads/Astroneer-Resources-Guide-Hansolocambo.7z P.S : I'll very probably modify and improve a few things in the future. Those links will be updated when necessary.
  9. I write those numbers everytime I leave a Planet. They correspond to the amount of each resource I have in my stocks. This way when you move back to this Planet you can easily see what you have and what you need to eventually bring in the Shuttle. And also, if you need, let's say, Iron, it's easy to see that you have a lot on Glacio. Anyway : Numbers = how much you have of each resource in your own Planetary stocks. Quiet obvious innit ?
  10. The Soil Centrifuge module can easily be built on any Planet. Build that asap and you won't have to spend hours looking for ammonium anymore as you can make it yourself. The same goes for : Compound, Resin, Organic, Clay, Quartz, Graphite. Search for them, or make them with the Soil Centrifuge. Biggest amount of ammonium you'll find is on Desolo's surface.
  11. Well, when I click on the link, it does work. Damn I don't know who coded this forum but between the limited amounts of "edit" of our own posts and those links that work for the OP but not for anyone else (if someone else could confirm that it doesn't work please) : it needs some re-work really... All right I posted it there also if others have the same issue : https://www104.zippyshare.com/v/8jsKnTWm/file.html
  12. I'm slowly building a resources guide. Not yet finished as I began the game only a few days ago. But it's filled with enough infos already to be helpful / useful. Have a look at the file attached. If you fill it yourself (write your own stocks values as you leave a Planet), you'll always know what you have and what is available on each planet. Organize your physical stocks (just an advice) this way : Primary, Secondary, and Imported resources. P.S : Biggest amount so far and by far of Wolframite, as it's the main resource there : on Desolo. You'll also find some on Calidor as it's a secondary resource. Planets Resources Guide_1.xlsx
  13. Who wouldn't ? As long as the PC's good enough and the framerate's above 30, those clouds look SO much better that it's be foolish not to use them.
  14. If you can read and understand english. Then answer in english to participate. @ Bomoo I discovered the game 3 days ago and that's definitely the feeling one has. Why bother digging deeper and deeper. Just one hole. Straight to the core. A few deposits along the way and you're good to go. Thing is we're talking about ONE guy against MULTIPLE planets. We are billions on only Earth and we begin to seriously fear that we've been spoiling / destroying most of earth resources soon. And it took all of us, generations of us to do that. The guy is alone. He destroys the flora. Destroys the environment. Terraform what looks like cement on top of originally beautifully colored landscapes. He throws away garbage he doesn't need, etc. He's a human.And there's way too many resources for him on a planet ? Well, yeah in terms of gameplay that's not great. One has fun collecting / organizing for the first Planet. The second maybe even more. But after 4, 5... 6, etc planets. It just isn't exciting anymore. And digging to collect resources we will never have to use is indeed useless. On top of that, wether you walk 1 minute around your landing spot in each direction all around the Planet, everything you'll see looks always the same. Those randomly generated worlds are gorgeously cute. But all of it is offered to our eyes : mountains, forests, plains, caves, in such a short time that there's nothing more to discover. And if collecting / discovering doesn't really make sense, then what does ? The mechanics are great. The game's cute. Physics are excellent. Many little scipts make managing so enjoyable ! It's filled with great things in there. But it lacks one true aim. Or innovative missions. Imagine GTA V with NO missions at all. Great cars, great people around you, tall buildings, sea, land and mountains... People wouldn't play for more than a few days if there were no missions, no storyline. Astroneer is a great game engine. But it feels like playing Lego. If you don't have a wild imagination then you get bored quickly.
  15. Yep I have to say, especially for something like those Medium Storages, being able to lock one printer on a specific task so that it builds what we want as long as we put the proper resources on the platform instead of waiting for our green light every time : that sounds really good. If they remove too much micro management then there's no game anymore. But that would definitely make life easier without spoiling the pleasure. +1 then