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    loading solar system screen of death update. Was able to access a previously unloadable save that would previously lock up the computer so bad that it required a hard restart. I decided to spend money I don't have and upgrade system memory from 4GB to 8GB and am currently able to access my previously unloadable save. IF YOU HAVE WIN 10 AND 4GB OF SYSTEM MEMORY, IT MAY NOT BE ENOUGH TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!
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    Is this a joke?

    yup, can't load saves, get stuck in the loading solar system screen and have to hard shut down, hopefully the update on 2/22/19 will help, waiting patiently. tired of starting new games playing and saving regularly for hours of game play only to suffer loading solar system screen of death because the save file is so corrupted.
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    small battery glitch, what do you think? its LOL

    nothing to see here, move along
  4. Have been unable to finish any save, I have two now. I can start a game but after many hours of game play an attempt to load a save is met with the loading solar system screen of death that locks up the computer so much that it requires a hard shut down every time which is destroying the computer, it is a desktop PC, not a laptop. All drivers are up to date, the PC meets the minimum requirements, both saves are from version 1.0.6 of Astroneer being played from the Steam PC platform. Attached below is a system spec of the PC from the can i run it website. Perhaps it is an issue with Steam idk, I wish to give System Era the benefit of the doubt, this is very frustrating and a terrible source of grief for me since the game is a great game, not being able to play/complete the game multiple times now is absolutely depressing the s**t out of me.