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  1. I can confirm this has happened to me with all vehicles of all sizes. The only way to prevent this from happening is to move your vehicle far enough away it is not effected by your terrain tool and then run back and move it up slightly. Very inconvenient.
  2. This is a common problem in my games. If you ever die and are launched into space then you will be forced to start as a new character and lose all of your items. Worse yet, when this happens the possessions you had are not available to be recovered and are lost permanently. As Jake mentions above, this is definitely a cause for loading the game.
  3. Atilla

    Vehicle sinking when digging terrain

    This bug above all else is frustrating me the most at the moment. You are forced to move your vehicle far away from you in order to use your terrain tool to dig. This poses a problem for oxygen as well as power and slows down as you have to run back and forth. In the event you are too close and can't see you are sinking your vehicle or trailers? Then you have to spend 30-45 minutes finding the sunk item and extracting it out of the ground which is very frustrating. I concur, please fix this bug.
  4. I believe their intent was to fix vehicles throwing people into the sky and that appears to be fixed. I have experienced, multiple times, walking on the surface ground as well as within caves below ground and suddenly getting thrown up above the ground. There are no plants launching me by the way.
  5. Atilla

    Help the Win 7 users out

    You aren't going to get a free game for another platform. If you want it on another platform then you need to buy it for that platform. Also, as Bomoo says, you need to upgrade to Windows 10. You are only going to have more and more problems with Windows 7, as it is an ageing platform that suffers from a number of serious failings including security deficiencies and hardware restrictions
  6. Summary Medium storage is putting a resource on top of another existing resource instead of on the visible free spot. Platform: Steam Version: 1.0.7 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Version 10.0.17134.590 CPU: Dual Xeon E5-2643 v4 @ 3.4Ghz (6 cores) GPU: Geforce GTX 1080 RAM: 64 GB Drive: 400GB 12Gbps SAS WI Write Intensive MLC 2.5 SSD I had a medium storage with 1 free slot on it and when I put a ceramic on it, it put it over an existing ceramic rather than the free spot. I have a video of this if you'd like to see it.
  7. Atilla

    Insane Resource Distribution

    Clearly we play with different people Each person wants their own large rover, each of them decked out. I see what you are saying and if everyone shared the items it wouldn't be a concern, but with multiple people each wants a copy of their own. Their own drills, their own shuttles, their own rovers. This is a much bigger draw on resources than a single player game. Yeah, I guess that is the part I don't like. I wish it were a little more resource intensive so one deposit couldn't set you up for the whole game. I'd rather a rover cost 5 or 8 aluminum instead. To each their own,
  8. So this bug existed in 1.0.4 & 1.0.6, we had it multiple times. If the person who has this issue reboots then it always fixed it for us (like 5 times).
  9. Atilla

    1.0.6 - Steam - Win10

    When gazing at the odd stone, only the host is able to see the tooltips/labels for the different gate locations. For all other players it is blank, no text. When using a gate to teleport, the eight slots on the backpack are empty/missing/not visible. The top two and gun show ok. After the teleport animation sequence is completed they are all visible again. Dirt/wind/steam visible/blowing only on vehicles for no reason as you approach them.
  10. Atilla

    Insane Resource Distribution

    +1 I greatly agree that there is an easy-mode element about it. Either resources are too plentiful OR the way that they are used needs to become less efficient. If you want to have them so readily available and keep it that way, the amount required should greatly increase from one to a lot more than one. If you are change the quantity of resources that become available, I'd ask that you make sure multiple players was taken into consideration. You are going to need more resources for more players opposed to just a single player game.
  11. Atilla

    1.0.6 - Steam - Win10

    Another vehicle issue. When using the 3 person rover seat and the driver has the bug that launches him into space, it also breaks other people in the rover. I was able to exit the rover by pressing use, but it kept me in the seated position while I was outside of the rover at all times and I was unable to interact with anything once I exited the rover. When a host loads a game, sometimes not all of the attachments on the terrain tool return. This only occasionally will occur with items on the tool, not in the backpack. We've seen it happen with canisters and mods. In a 3 person game the host entered a large rover and then a second player entered the hosts rover in a 3 person seat. Two other players were in separate large rovers (3 total). At the exact moment the host entered the rover the other two players in separate rovers were ejected into space, crashed and lost their equipment.
  12. I LOVE THE GAME! Please keep adding fresh material! Here are the list of my requests, many center are co-op capabilities. Compass on vehicles. Mapping abilities of some kind. Altimeter for elevation. In multiplayer being able to locate someone on a different height or level is incredibly challenging. Having the ability to determine if we need to keep going down or up would be helpful. The ability to make a flat ground easier. You have the hold control button to extend a particular plane, but finding the “flat” relative to the equator would be really, really nice. So many of what I think is flat is angled one way or another and I spent a lot of time going over it again and again. Typing/chat for multiplayer. Distress call ability/function. Signal flares. One time use, goes higher than beacon and lasts for X minutes. Signs or ability to enter text somehow. A modifier tool that allows you to paint in specific shapes. I would like to put arrows or X's or other symbols on the ground more easily. More beacon colors or combinations of flashing colors Ability to use run for vehicles to move quicker. Make it inefficient drain on your resources, but sometime you just want to go FAST! Net/Collection material to put behind rover to scoop up materials you pass over Portable ladder/ramp A roller to put behind rovers that allow you to flatten the terrain behind you as you drive over it. Allow canisters connected to rovers the ability to collect soil. A brighter/larger light like a floodlight. Ability to mount lights above rover somehow. Perhaps a mount on top of the seat would work well. 1 on single and 2/3 on a triple. Conveyor belts!!! It would be cool if materials were more common in certain soil colors opposed to others. Maybe this exists and I haven’t found the correlation. Also, if certain colors had different densities. I know there is rock. but I was thinking if blue was always denser than brown but not as dense as purple type of think. It would be cool if we could actually go inside of the shelter and do things in there. While we’re at it, a larger more modular shelter would be great! Bring back storms and hazards, I really want more danger in the world. The ability to create a pipeline to ship materials over very large distances. More research, more items, more materials! I like how it gets complicated to create alloys and endgame items and I'd like to see it become more difficult to achieve by requiring more combinations or more materials than currently exists. A larger shredder to get rid of the even bigger junk or unwanted items.
  13. Summary I've put in 65 hours in the game in the last week and a half, here are my findings on bugs/glitches. All of my games are multiplayer only, and the probably most predominantly happen when I'm not the host. We often play between 3-4 people per game. We've set aside one account as a dedicated host now so all players can join the game whenever they want so that it is always available. Platform: Steam Version: 1.0.6 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Version 10.0.17134.590 CPU: Dual Xeon E5-2643 v4 @ 3.4Ghz (6 cores) GPU: Geforce GTX 1080 RAM: 64 GB Drive: 400GB 12Gbps SAS WI Write Intensive MLC 2.5 SSD Vehicle Issues: Exiting a vehicle (most rovers) while it is moving continues to play a loud engine noise after you exit. If you get back into the vehicle and wait for it to stop moving the sound will stop. Vehicle connections to trailers/rovers often randomly disconnect on their own for no visible reason. Sometimes rovers/vehicles will randomly clip through terrain when no holes are visible. Exiting a rover seat with sometimes throw you into the air, sometimes into space, sometime insta-kill you. Entering a vehicle sometimes teleports you into space (only stars around, no sight of body) and stuck permanently. Forced to relaunch to planet and lose all items. Sometimes entering a vehicle will leave your person outside, but allow you to control the vehicle. No person is sitting in the seat and you can't exit the vehicle when this happens. Sometimes a vehicle completely disappears from sight for some players permanently, but remains visible for others. You an walk through the space where it is without bumping into it or being able to interact with it as if it didn't exist. For the players that can see it, it functions normal. I have a video of this. Sometimes when using the terrain tool it will remain stuck after you stop using it and continue to modify terrain. This only started happening to me after 1.0.6 Sometimes beacons do not work from a distance when attached to a vehicle, but it will work if detached. Sometimes when you enter a vehicle it will detach all attachments and let you drive it without your person visible. Your person is pictured sitting outside of the vehicle stationary in the place the vehicle was entered. You can't exit or enter the vehicle at this point. Sometimes when driving the rover only the head is on the seat and the body is inside of the rover. Gateway Issues: Standing on top of center area in gateway structure when it goes up will result in your permanently getting stuck/trapped inside. Walking across the center area after the structure has been powered insta-killed two different players at different times for no reason. Misc Issues: Centrifuges get stuck with material in them and become unusable. This happened to five different centrifuges over a period of a week. The material is stuck inside and not able to be pulled out nor are any new materials able to be made, it is effectively scrap. A week later I was able to seat them all on a large platform and pull them out for some reason. When you die due to a glitch/problem, sometimes you respawn on host's current planet as if you were a new player opposed to the planet you died on. When joining a multiplayer game, after connection the world shows what it looks like before terraforming and improving. It sits on that screen for a minute or so with animations for items that are visible, but you can't see your person or any buildings. When it finally connects and places everything, the sky and stars spin by at like 500% for several seconds. The time you have to wait seems to continue to increase the more progress is made in our game. Taking items off of platforms/vehicles sometimes leaves remnants of their power meters/black casing. As a host the multiplayer lag is unplayable once the game grows large. My save file is ~12MB and it is very, very slow even on my super powerful machine. We have abandoned all tethers and maybe have 5 up across all planets, so it is not tether quantity that is causing it. The more players that join the game, the worse the lag gets. Mostly the host is lagging while the others are fine. This happens regardless of who is hosting. Sometimes digging under an object will cause it to clip through the ground and disappear completely. Digging down REALLY far still does not reveal the item. This has happened several times with research items both large and small. Occasionally when you remove items with power meters (black circle with yellow status amount) to a new location, the black circle and power meter remain behind as a fragment. Mostly happens with wind turbines and one-time use power meters. Have screenshots of this. Sometimes I can see straight through the ground to a cavern layer underneath, but there is solid terrain between me and that location. Digging through the clipped area shows you digging properly, but the layer below is still not able to be traversed until you dig down far enough. On Sylva, I have occasionally been launched into the air very similar to the large leaf plant on Vesena. Once on Vesena I was able to launch a medium shuttle into orbit with a solid state thruster. On the way into orbit the thruster broke and I was then stranded in orbit.