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  1. My friend keeps instantly dying while walking down the steps leading to odd stone. Potentially of note: died mid teleport.
  2. My idea behind this is to have a tier system for better and better GPS systems for each planet that involve launching satellites on rockets like the trade platform and the exo request platform. Tier 1: 4,000 bytes, Aluminium, Glass. Medium. Gives you a very simple and laggy GPS system with a 2D plain showing beacons and colored areas to show the general area of resources on the surface. Tier 2: 6,000 Bytes, Titanium, Aluminium Alloy, Glass. Large. Gives you more detailed and smoother GPS system with a 2D plain that has contour lines to show land height and depth. It also shows symbols for players, vehicles and crashed ships/scrap. Tier 3: 8,000 Bytes, Steel, Titanium Alloy, silicone, Glass. Extra Large. Gives you a 3D live render of a small area on the planet. Viewing: Once a GPS rocket has been researched, you will obtain a small screen like the research catalog below the right utility slot that will show the higher tier GPS you have on the planet you are on. I believe that I have balanced this quite well, but if you disagree then tell me and if an agreement is made I can change it.
  3. How about a device like the oxygenator, but instead it causes the gravity to be altered and when connected to tethers or platforms connected to it, your gravity will be what you have set the device to make i.e you set the gravity to be that of the surface of terran and you have a tether system at the core of the planet. There could also be a portable version of it. Sorry if I haven't explained it that well.
  4. What if you could change or add certain things to rovers like the wheels: High traction, weighted (for low grav),jumper wheels. or modifiers that only work on rovers:efficiency (reduced energy consumption), speed (get a quick speed boost) If you can think of anything else feel free to add onto this in the comments.
  5. Probably for balance reasons and that geothermal doesn't make sense for planets that don't have solid, heated core but instead have a hollow area with an alien teleportation device.
  6. My idea behind this is to add late game printers and items that require Geometric triptych's and Astronium to craft. First off there will be the Triptych Printer, design wise I was thinking that would look like a smaller version of a Gateway Chamber, though still quite large compared to an Astroneer, perhaps the height of a Tall Platform and the width of a Shelter. Recipes: Triptych Printer: 2 Sylva Triptych, 2 Astronium - 10,000 Bytes Triptych Research Catalog Extension: 3 Astronium, 1 Sylva Triptych Resource Input: 2 Astronium, 1 Novus Triptych, 1 Nanocarbon Alloy - 15,000 Resource Output: 2 Astronium, 1 Novus Triptych, 1 Nanocarbon Alloy - comes with input Portable Input: 1 Astronium, 2 Vesania Triptych, 1 Nanocarbon Alloy - 20,000 Triptych Platform A/B: 2 Astronium, 1 Sylva Triptych, 1 Novus Triptych 10,000 (each) Triptych Platform: 2 Astronium, 1 Sylva Triptych, 1 Vesania Triptych - 10,000 Doubler Augment: 1 Astronium, 1 Desolo, 2 Nanocarbon Alloy - 30,000 Triptych Oxygen Tank: 1 Astronium, 2 Glass, 1 Titanium alloy - 7,500 Triptych Splitter: 1 Astronium, 2 Vesania Triptych, 1 Copper - 7,500 Triptych Packager: 2 Astronium, 2 Graphite - 7,500 Triptych Extenders: 2 Astronium, 2 copper - 7,500 Triptych Fireworks: 2 Astronium, 2 Calidor Triptych - 7,500 Uses: Triptych Printer: Used to print all Triptych items Triptych Research Catalog Extension: Used to unlock new section in research catalog and unlock Triptych tech with bytes Resource Input: A resource teleportation device that requires power to teleport items, the amount of U's going to the input affects the rate of teleportation, if power is cut then the item will fail to teleport and the input can be set a different colour to indicate which output to go to, is not interplanetary. Resource Output: The device where a teleported item arrives. Portable Input: Works the same as a regular input but is smaller an can be carried in the back pack, still requires power. Triptych Platform A: Is a longer version of the Extra Large Platform and has two Tier 4 Attachment slots. Triptych Platform B: Is a double sided version of the Extra large Platform B. Triptych Platform: Is a Larger version of the Extra Large Platform C, with two Tier 4 Attachment slots in the centre and a Tier 4 Attachment slot on either end. (I feel that this is a bit much but I decided to added it anyway) Doubler Augment: An augmentation for the Terrain Tool that consumes 3U/s and has a 25% chance of Giving you double resources when digging. Triptych Oxygen Tank: An Oxygen Tank that contains 25% more oxygen than the regular Tank Triptych Splitter: A Splitter That splits in three directions. Triptych Packager: A Packager That compacts any object to a T1 Crate, no matter how big the module. Triptych Extenders: Extenders That have a longer reach. Triptych Fireworks: Fireworks that have larger explosions. If there is anything that you feel needs to addressed in this or if anything you think could be added then just tell me.
  7. I have made a similar post in the past about the, check it out for more details. I think that a large gen should be added to the game, either one that runs off hydrazine, like in my other post, or have it run off Geometric Triptych's, of course what tripych you use would change the power output of the gen, for balance purposes, in order of lowest power to highest power output, would be: Atrox (Hydrogen), Sylva (Quartz), Desolo (Zinc), Novus (Silicone), Calidor (Explosive Powder), Vesania (Graphene) and Glacio (Diamond) Feel free to debate this order. The power output of each: 1.0U/s (100U) 1.0U/s (130U) 2.0U/s (150U) 3.0U/s (180U) 3.0U/s (200U) 5.0U/s (250U) 5.0U/s (550U) If you feel like this could be changed and/or improved then feel free to give your own take on it. As for the design of the actual generator I wasn't sure on what that could be. If you think anything could be improved don't hesitate to tell me.
  8. Though that is a good idea, what purpose would it serve? Maybe a steam gen as I saw in a different post.
  9. Yeah, I've had a similar idea in a post of mine but with a different design in mind, do check it out for more info.
  10. Since there is usually a small, medium and large of most things in the game, i thought it would make sense for there to be a large generator and turbine. The large turbine would look like a real turbine and cannot be moved after it has been place and be roughly the same height of a large shuttle. Here is what I meant by a real turbine: The large generator will output 8-10 volts and will very slowly run of hydrazine, and could be given the name hydrazine generator. It will also have to be placed on a T3 slot and could have the appearance of the old medium gen but of course on a larger scale. Here is a pic of old med gen: Recipes: Large turbine - aluminium alloy x1 glass x2 ceramic x2 Large/hydrazine generator - Tungsten carbide x1 aluminum alloy x1 ceramic x1 I'd appreciate any other ideas and criticism.
  11. My idea is to have remote controlled Drones. There would be three types of drones: Small, medium and large (obviously). The small drone would be used for scout level activities, It would have two T1 attachment slots and have a battery life similar to a buggy. The medium drone would have double the power and have a T3 attachment slot, the medium drone would be useful for small cargo transport (I see this being useful in multiplayer). The large drone would have the battery life of a large rover and have a T4 attachment slot and would be useful for large cargo shipment. In short the drones would be like the land vehicles but without the trouble of bumpy or weird terrain i.e. Vasania, however you do not go with the drone and instead stay at a drone dock and would really only be useful for multiplayer. Recipes: Drone dock - resin x2 aluminium x1 small drone - compound x1 aluminium x1 medium drone - plastic x2 aluminium x1 large drone - aluminium alloy x2 tungsten x2 I wanted to do some concept art buuuut i'm terrible art so....yeah Feel free to give your feedback and any criticism.