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  1. Its Time To Stop

    Game Crashes while loading

    Uninstalling and reinstalling the game fixed it if anyone else has this issue
  2. Its Time To Stop

    Game Crashes while loading

    Everytime I load astroneer it loads half way then crashes. None of my friends are having this issue so it may just be my Xbox.
  3. Its Time To Stop

    The Underground Cave

    There already is but you need another person or to get on it. The Drills and the crane can be put onto vehicles that have the medium rover attached.
  4. Its Time To Stop

    Can't lift broken vehicles?

    Make sure there fully digged out of the ground
  5. Its Time To Stop


    Extenders are working fine for me. If you delete the game it should have the games saved off your xbox but it could potentially break.
  6. Its Time To Stop

    the surface on Novus seems a little bit off

    It was them getting stuck every so often.
  7. Its Time To Stop

    “Disappearing Act”

    Same Problem
  8. Its Time To Stop

    vehicles sinks into ground when terrain is edited near it

    This happened to me also
  9. Its Time To Stop

    I landed on the Mysterious Satellite and had no fuel after

    Nevermind im dumb
  10. All chairs crash the game, shuttles, crashed the game, the shelter crashes the game, but I can save and exit with out any problem
  11. So I decide to see what the one sattalite was above the sun and then I ran out of fuel and I couldn't get compound for a small printer or any resource I would need. The only thing I have is My Medium Shuttle with Hydrazine Thruster and Oxygenator, 2 almost full canasters of Methane, a small battery with full energy, a medium battery with all but 1 bar of energy, 1 Scrap, 1 Quartz, 1 Resin, a Medium Wind Turbine, 3 Canasters with 1 full of soil, no fuel, and saved figuring out that I had no fuel and was stuck pretty far in the game until this happened.