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  1. I'm running Astroneer 1.0.3, on PC (MSI mobo, Intel i7 970 with 12 GB RAM, running Win10 1809). I'm currently on planet Novus and have now been shot into space 3 times so far, twice from same location. I check to see if there are any flora/fauna that are the cause, but see nothing. Eventually, my backpack shows up at my Novus base. Heading back to same location shortly (because I'm a glutton for punishment apparently). Seems like a defect rather than a feature.
  2. Not just with the terrain tool. I'm working on Novus and whenever I pull up my backpack, the options for crafting at the bottom of the backpack are jittering around. Running the PC version off of the Microsoft Store. Running Win10 1809 build 17763.316 on an MSI mobo running Intel i7 970 w/12GB RAM.
  3. I'm having similar issues with the tractor and the buggy. Jumpin in and try to steer or move and nothing happens. I have to jump out and fiddle with stuff: remove p[ower devices, remove the seat, disconnect trailers (for the tractor), etc. PITA.