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  1. SO I ran my steam in offline mode, and had none of my skins ( still had the achievements) and then all of my base's batteries were empty. Restarted computer and steam in online mode, no results. Was playing multiplayer earlier. WiFi suddenly cut out (my fault) and friend disconnected, may be part of issue.
  2. I should have labeled this general tractor issues. *sigh*... I have lost all my tractors because they broke in a cave-they are all in the ground now. Are all the bakpack items supposed to not be able to be seen when riding in a tractor? (I don't have other vehicles yet) and if ur sliding when u get into a tractor ur character still in sliding position, levitates over seat.
  3. Yes, but only sometimes it helps. i was doing that before. also, my tractor wouldn't drive no matter what in multiplayer, dont know how kan scrapman and durf pulled it off
  4. I play on steam with windows 10, mouse and keyboard. I drive my tractor around with three trailers. (this happens with anything on the trailers). I attach anything to the front of the tractor, it can't drive anymore and I have to reload save. Also, sometimes when I get out of the tractor its front wheels are bothe turned in L or R and it doesn't drive either. if the wheels are turned and it does let me drive, everything moves except the front wheels on the tractor which lag backwards through my trailers.