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  1. Update, I made a new save to test if my friend can join. He can join any other game except the save that he is stuck in space on. It simply gives him an error now and refuses to let him join my game. We've gotten pretty far and I'd rather not start over. Please assist.
  2. Mouse/keyboard Steam on Windows 10 What were you doing leading up to this bug? Multiplayer guest driving a buggy on Vesania Two small windmills attached and operating for power Buggy flipped Occupant was stuck partially in the ground and couldn't eject He left my server and rejoined Upon rejoining, he was stuck in space in the same space station that is on the loading screen No ability to leave the space station Attempts to fix Guest left and rejoined several times Host closed the game and reloaded Closed and exited the game completely several times Tried to adjust their space suit and colors Had the host drive to and flip the stuck buggy Guest is still stuck in space station orbiting Vesania (images attached) Help....