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  1. Putting items directly onto the smelter slots seems to have sort of fixed the issue. It only pulls one item at a time onto the slots, but is functional.
  2. I've encountered what seems to be a bug regarding the smelting furnace as of patch 1.0.15. The furnace is non-functional. Below is a one-minute video I took with appropriate details. Maybe I'm just being dumb. Any help is appreciated. (Link to video)
  3. This is the idea. Just *being* underground seems to throw soil at you. A lot of the time you only need a little bit to get where you're going in a cave, and if you're flattening terrain underground you usually end up with more soil than you started with.
  4. It feels like you can't do anything without a canister. It seems like soil is more important than power, oddly.
  5. The backpack contains a small amount of oxygen and power. I think it should contain a small amount of soil as well. If you don't have a canister on your gun, you're not playing the game correctly. Period. Mobility of any kind requires a soil canister. I think soil canisters should be the dirt equivalent of batteries and oxygen canisters-- helpful, but not strictly necessary. It's an artificial limitation on an already small inventory.
  6. I was connected to a friend's game and decided to relog to fix some world tearing issues. On relogging, my character was deleted. We both tried restarting our games, but it didn't help. Defeated, I created a new character who spawned in a random location on the planet without oxygen. I disconnected before death. On reconnecting, I was in the same random location but with my original character, who promptly died due to lack of oxygen. ----- I guess I'm reporting two bugs? 1. Character deleted in multiplayer session. 2. New character dropped at random location on pl