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    Smelting Furnace not working in patch 1.0.15.

    Putting items directly onto the smelter slots seems to have sort of fixed the issue. It only pulls one item at a time onto the slots, but is functional.
  2. I've encountered what seems to be a bug regarding the smelting furnace as of patch 1.0.15. The furnace is non-functional. Below is a one-minute video I took with appropriate details. Maybe I'm just being dumb. Any help is appreciated. (Link to video)
  3. CruzaComplex

    Backpack should contain a small amount of soil.

    This is the idea. Just *being* underground seems to throw soil at you. A lot of the time you only need a little bit to get where you're going in a cave, and if you're flattening terrain underground you usually end up with more soil than you started with.
  4. CruzaComplex

    Backpack should contain a small amount of soil.

    It feels like you can't do anything without a canister. It seems like soil is more important than power, oddly.
  5. The backpack contains a small amount of oxygen and power. I think it should contain a small amount of soil as well. If you don't have a canister on your gun, you're not playing the game correctly. Period. Mobility of any kind requires a soil canister. I think soil canisters should be the dirt equivalent of batteries and oxygen canisters-- helpful, but not strictly necessary. It's an artificial limitation on an already small inventory.
  6. I was connected to a friend's game and decided to relog to fix some world tearing issues. On relogging, my character was deleted. We both tried restarting our games, but it didn't help. Defeated, I created a new character who spawned in a random location on the planet without oxygen. I disconnected before death. On reconnecting, I was in the same random location but with my original character, who promptly died due to lack of oxygen. ----- I guess I'm reporting two bugs? 1. Character deleted in multiplayer session. 2. New character dropped at random location on planet surface, not at host's EXO habitat. 3? Reconnecting enough times (may) restore character settings? ----- I regret that I wasn't streaming during this. We'll probably be playing again tomorrow and I'll make a point to have OBS up so I can try to record it.