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  1. Looking more precisely to the problem, I even consider the need to redesign the Compass widget completely. At least the mecanics of how it projected onto the ground. On grassy land the image of the Compass looks utterly distorted and hardly can be useful. May be discarding of projection mecanics and moving the Compass up at level of character belt or even head would be better idea? Of course, coupled with the black outline.
  2. Rianon

    A few vehicle related ideas

    Well, may be he don't using the forum tools exactly because he wants us to open that suspicious pdf? )
  3. Right now the compass widget is extremely difficult to see on a bright white terrain, like on Glacio. What I suggests is to add a black outline to the compass shape, that will makes it visible in all conditions. I understand this can be not an easy, two-click task, 'cause it looks like the texture of the compass is used in a mask mode and therefore can't have two different colors at once. But nothing impossible. And it'll be extremely useful to all.
  4. I think I must to clarify some things here. I'm not going to say the localization outsource team is bad in their job, thats definitely not a case here. What I want to say is that they just can't have enough context as we, the community, have. Just knowing of foreign language is not enough to make a good translation. And here we can be more effective, 'cause we have that context, we actually play this game, a lot.
  5. Rianon

    Should Lunar Slide dance be remove ?

    Oh, no. Not this nonsense again...
  6. Rianon

    I Made Astroneer Some More Space Music

    Big thanks for this wonderful music. Sadly I have no Spotify here in Russia (seems like they don't even care to come here), but SoundCloud has no limits, so I followed you there. :))
  7. Sometimes localization done by outsource is lacks of quality. Sometimes a lot. This is just the case with russian one, it's terrible. It's lacks of terminology knowledge, sometimes has awful translations for common things and even not fit in game panels and menus. Frankly speaking, it would be far better if the devs entrusted this work to community. Please SES, reconsider this and make localization files (and fonts if it appropriate) accessible for community. I'm not asking for full modding support yet, just this one. It's not the matter of money or fame, it's all about quality of a great game, quality which we, the community, can and will help you with.