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    how fly in Astroneer

    Astroneer version: Platform: PC
  2. PTHON⚡

    how fly in Astroneer

    You need connect winch to chair and sit to chair, your friend need move winch. Video:
  3. PTHON⚡

    Unlimited scrap

    Sorry for low FPS, my processor is trash. Video:
  4. PTHON⚡

    pls fix it

    I record video. url: I hope you fix it near furute. Sorry for my english, i from russia.
  5. PTHON⚡

    What is it?

    ok, thank you!
  6. PTHON⚡

    What is it?

    Ok, what do next?
  7. PTHON⚡

    What is it?

    What to do for this?