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  1. Yeah, this update made my game run very slow when it was running at its normal slower speed that it runs when youve done a bunch of stuff but now it feels like 3 people connected to me slow.
  2. Joshua Bell


    Mine are gone too. xbox one x here. Feels bad man the terran one is my favorite and i worked so hard to get down there and get back up...
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    Patch 1.0.6 - February 15th, 2019

    Any updates on dedicated servers yet? just out of curiosity.
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Im on Xbox One X. Three forths of the time when i get in a vehicle is doesn't move or drive. The vehicle has power and inst partially in the ground. So it should move just fine. but when i get out and it like 5 more times it magically works. Another related issue comes when you stack 3 large rovers together, sometimes the back most rover has its breaks permalocked or something wont turn and if driven off a cliff after much struggle it will just float there. only fixing itself when you get out and walk back to it. making a train of 3 useless. cause it wont move.