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  1. For someone that it's ok only Activating the Gateways and prefers to do it earlier in the game, your idea is the way to go. There are fewer things to build, which means fewer planets to go to. For starters, there is no Atmosphere Condenser to build, neither the Chemistry Lab. And to make the Small Battery you only need one resource: Lithium. To make the Medium Storage Silo (smallest silo) you need Titanite. Which is conveniently found on the same planet where you will find Lithium: Vesania. Thank you for sharing Wary Explorer, it's good to know.
  2. Me too. But one important factor about the DPS Kit, is that you can make it earlier in the game. Not the beginning, but much earlier than the point where you are making RTGs.
  3. Here's another idea: How about a more expensive version with Magnet bars so the metallic items won't get out.
  4. These half-boxes are plugged to a Large Storage each. Nothing fancy really. Just enough for you to place all kinds of items, as long as they fit in there. Maybe a larger version too, rectangular, twice as long.
  5. Now let's surf down the ramp! If it wasn't for that cloud I had to go through!.... Falling-50q.mp4
  6. I was able to capture a video first showing the large ramp passing me by while I'm in orbit, then soon after, the man-less Large Shuttle. I guess it's flying in the opposite direction. passingbyshuttle.mp4
  7. Mmm, interesting, and very original. I'll give you that! I used to use some of the plants to decorate. Not very original really. But effective. A.T.
  8. If you are playing with a PC and bought Astroneer from Steam you need to find people that got it the same way. I don't have an Xbox console so I cannot speak for them. However I can say from 1st hand exp that Astroneers obtained from the Windows Store cannot play with those from Steam, unfortunately. So, once you find someone you can play with, get in touch using the game overlay for either one (the Xbox program in Windows, or the one from Steam). And you can join each other's games that way. For more specifics for either of these, let me know how you got yours. This is how my friend and I
  9. LOL Thank you I should try to get a screenshot looking down to the habitat from the top of the ramp.
  10. I once played with a friend and left the game while in orbit in one of his shuttles. As a result, the shuttle stayed there flying around Silva. It's been a while, maybe 3 months. But yesterday we were coming back to Silva and while in orbit waiting to see the landing bubble that man-less shuttle passed me by so fast, it startled me! So we thought, what if we come close enough to board it? So yesterday we made a very tall ramp attempting to get on board that shuttle. Here are the resulting screenshots. I know the shuttle looks as if it is flying backwards. It was. We noticed that we were
  11. Right, and supposedly by the end of May! (?)
  12. I played today in the morning. Then when I played again about 2 hours ago, I noticed Astroneer downloaded and installed a patch/update. But I don't see info on it anywhere. I don't want to even think that this is the one with the Jetpack (I didn't see it in the backpack-Catalogue). Any one knows? Thanks