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  1. I came back to the game when the creative mode update was added. So I imedetly started experimenting with all the new objects and how they worked. So I spawned a large rover, a RTG, a Drill, a paver, and a few soil containers. Well i attempted to drill into the side of a moutian on a flat plain. Immedetly i noticed the vehicle was struggling to move, and at multiple points just stopped moving all together. The best way to describe it is like the vehicle got stuck and couldnt move. But the second you stop drilling the vehicle acts as it should, but start drilling again and the vehicle rappidly loses momentum and becomes unresposive to commands. This appers to only affect Xbox, maybe PS4, But doesnt happen on PC. This issue ruins the idea and concept of using these mining rigs in the game, because there basically un usable.
  2. My argument is that these items ae vastly better then large research objects. And there available from the very begining of the gaame. With hese small RSO being so good at giving bytes. I honestly feel that the RSC is useless. I started to research a object I got from Glacio that gives 3,450 bytes. To do so will take 55 real minutes. Imsorry but not sorry, But thats WAY to long, Not when getting small RSO can get you that in 5 minutes. I would even argue astronium is too good, But aleast that you have to dig for it. As for this Heres the thing, This method makes a crucial part of the game essentially useless. Lets say you're a new player, just got the game, and learned that hay I can skip all this nonesense of haveing to wait hours to get to what I want, just by going here and scanning these items. After 1 hour half of the games progression has been unlocked. This my friend is a gameplay flaw. This will be a bad analogy, but its kinda like haveing a friend in COD or BF be on the enemy team, and let you kill them repeatedly. This is called boosting. And its highly frowned apon. Thats basically what this is. I just personally dont think that something in the game should be totally irrelevent after 1 hour. Thats why I said if they do anything just cut down the research times for large RSO. The fact hat it takes a hour to get bytes for some of these makes some grinding games look like a saint. And im not even going to touch the astronium thing. just because it is broken. But it might change when and if i ever becomes needed in something. (it should be a fuel source for the RTG lol)
  3. This exact same thing has happened to my friend. It started when he strted to due end game content. He ended up creating a second world just so he could play again. I havent had this issue. Yet. But I also havent started any of the endgame. My only advice I can offer is t\start a new world, but keep you're old one and hope it gets fixed with the next patch. And while I can say if this is true or not, but rumor has it that posts that talk about this spasific issue, end to disapear and can never be found. As if somone is trying to hide he fact that thi is a issue. Again i cant say if thats tru or not. But ironically it is pretty hard to find topics relating to this.
  4. When I first started playing Astroneer, I came in late alpha. I came in at 0.10.5 and at this time the game was very diffrent in the way or getting research and earning bytes. If memory serves you could only research large objects in the research chamber, You could not research small objects or small exo objects. Only large objects. You could still scan the small research objects and get 20-30 bytes or so. But large research was the way to go. And small exo objects awarded 250-300 bytes. Now jump to 1.0.0 and the game changed massively, in all areas, but specially in the reseacrh department. Now ALL reseach objects can be used in the RSC, And doing so generally awrds you with 4x the bytes then scanning them. Ofcourse large objects can only be used with the RSC. And this is all fine and good. Untill you leave Sylva for the first time. You see as you explore and go to further planets, The amount of bytes changes per planet. The further you go, the more bytes you can get through research. Lets look at Desolo for a example. A large object can give around 750 bytes, while a small object nets you around 100-130 bytes. This creates a issue with the system, thats only noticable the further out you get. Planets like GLACIO. Once you get to Glacio, you will instantly see the issue. All small research objects that can be found in caves will give you around 350 bytes each. While some of the large objects can yeild 3,000 bytes. Here is the issue, The large objets take 30 to 44 real minutes to research in the RSC. And its not always going to be alot, most start out giveing 20-30 bytes Per minute or B p/m. But small research objects RESPAWN every 3 minutes. And these are EVERYWHERE! You will quickly learn that small research object are the bes way to earn alot of bytes very quickly. In the same time it takes to reseacrh one large object, you can earn 10.5-15.4 TIMES MORE bytes just by scanning small objects. If each small object is 350 bytes, and you collect three of them, you just earnd 1,050 bytes, wait 3 minutes they respwn, another 1,050 bytes. Thats 2,100, another 3 minutes, another 1,050 byets. You now have 3,150 bytes in 9 minutes. meanwhile the same amount from that large reseach object, still has 35 minutes to go before you have that full 3,000 bytes. If you keep scanning small objects, by the time the large object is done, you will have 15,750 ish bytes just from scanning 3 small objects every 3 minutes. I don't know about you, but if you ask me, thats broken. This basic trick reners the RSC and ALL large objects completely and utterly useless as soon as you have a small shuttle and a thruster. Because once you have those two things, you can go staright to Glacio, and start farming small RS objects. Now you're probably thinking, No i cant. I have no way of exploring caves. And if you are thinking this, you are 100% wrong. The game startes you out with a oxygenator, and its removable, and it fits in you're shuttle and can be taken off world. And you can gather compound and make tether bundles on sylva with relitve ease. So literally all you have to do, is take you're starting oxygenator, throu it on you're shuttle, grab some tethers, leave, go to glacio, land, drop teathers, find a cave, and start farming. Granted you will need a smelter, But thats ALL you will need. And you only need it to smelt 3 aluminum. 2 for he shuttle, and 1 for the thruster. So with all this out there, I honestly think ERA needs to take another look at research, Cause while I don;t mind being able to speed run through research, kinda defeats the purpose of LRSO and the RSC. So they could either reduce SRSO to give less bytes, make them no longer respawn, or significantly reduce the time it takes to research large objects. Something you spent bytes on, spent materials on, and spent time to aquire, should never become useless and obsolete. And thats exactly what the RSC is. Its only viability is early game, Only because RSO on sylva suck. Large objects = 350 bytes, small objects 16-60 bytes. If you have thoughts on this id love to hear them, Also ERA if you're reading this, dont kill me please.
  5. When I enter a shuttle, exo habitat or vehicle seat, the game will instantly crash to home screen during the games auto save. essentially making it impossable to save, even using the save and quit option causes the game to crash to home screen and not save. This started happening around he launch of 1.0, but was intermitant, As I progressed towards end game however the issue has progressively gotten worse. Now the game crashes multiple times a play session and anytime I attepmt to save. Thus making it completly unplayable as I cant make and save any progress. ERA, if you're reading this, Please make this a priority on you're fix list, I enjoy this game, but with this crash on save issue. I cannot enjoy you're game.
  6. I just didnt see patch notes, but this is good to see, cheers mate. (No im not astralian or britsh. Just always wanted to say that lol)
  7. Update: the performance drop happens after 10 minutes or so of play, and it happens at random with in this space of time. This makes it hard to get accurate footage of the issue.
  8. System: Xbox ~ Method of play: Controller ~ Current version: 1.0.7 ~ Repeatable: For me, 100% For others idk. After patch 1.0.7 i started to get sever drops in frams per second when ever I would reseasrch anything in the research chamber. It only started happening after 1.0.7 it never did it from 1.0.0 -1.0.6. The drop is deffenetly noticable as the game slows down by 50% and sometimes stutters. Im able to easily reproduce this on desolo, with a research chamber and a couple solar panels, (This performance drop happens on every planet) But desolo is easyest to do it on because of the quick day/night cycle. If I can figure out my tablet and see if it can record a video, I will attempt o get it in action. But thats only if my tablet can record, it might not have that ability.
  9. I would argue just having the ability to save manually would be enough. I would hate to have it auto save just as I died or the planet decides to eat something.
  10. When 1.0 launch on Xbox, it received a new launch screen. The screen portrays a astroneer over looking a base with a launching shuttle, and a large rover train hauling cargo. The screen clearly shows the large rover seat being installed on the front of the rover. But in the game the large rover seat is completely unable to do this. If you try to attach the seat to the front, it snaps to the bottom and the seat either faces the ground, or the sky. It cannot face straight forward, which the screen shot of the launch screen says it can. I would love to see the large rover seat changed so it can do what is shown in the screen shot. As I feel this would be awesome as it reminds my of under ground mining equipment.
  11. System: Xbox - Game vertion: 1.0.3 - Repeatable: 100% Resources falling through the ground: If you have any loose resopurces laying on the ground, and not on a storage. When you use you're terrain tool and start to change the ground, you're resources ahave a high chance of glitching through the ground and landing in a underground cave system. This only happens with loose items, and only if there is a cave system under the resource. This is 100% repeatable, And is easily replicated with a large pile of resources and the inhibiter mod and terrain analyzer both being used in tandum. "Painting" seems to be the best method to recreate this bug, But is not the only method. Flattening terrain will also acomplish this. Vehicle seats ejecting players: Iv seen this in regaurd to the tractor. But this bug is present in all vehicles thayt require you to use them. I.e. Tyhe tractor, Small rover seat, and large rover seat. Apon exiting any of these seats, you're astroneer gets launched startight up, But typically not into space. You typically dont die, but do sometimes take damage. It also downst matter what direction the seat its be it vertical or horizontal. It alwyas launches you staight out of it, Like a ejector seat. As a example iif you're using a large rover and place any seat on the top so its parallel wih the rover. You will be launched into the air. But if the seat is mounted on the from of the vehicle, and is perpendicular, then you will launch straight out and be infront of the rover.
  12. Short and simple. When changing the color of you're astronner, I think it would be nice if you're habitat and platforms reflected that change of color. Maybe even vehicles? As for why this should be added, I can only say hat I think it would be a nice cosmetic touch. Something to make you're self stand out a little more. Plus haveing a cosmic base could be amazing. But at the end of the day it is just cosmetic.
  13. As a player that played late early acces/ early 1.0, Iv always found levaving the starting area to never be a great idea. But only for the simple reason of it being very time consuming to find you're base again. Its actually taken me a couple hours on a few worlds to find my base again. And this is simply because I dont know what direction I need to go in. I feel the only way to solve this issue is to implement so kind of map feature. Either a early game iten that you can craft, or something that unlocks as you explore, kinda like a "fog of war" Or even just a simple audible noise that points you in the right direction. Or just make it so beacons can be seen from a great distance away. As the house beacon is hard to see unless you're almost right on top of it. I just dont like how I feel like im being punished for exploring then haveing to spend hours (Literally in my case) just to go back home.