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    How about adding some ' new' things?

    There are lots of survival games where fighting is the main content. I chose this game because it totally lacked any type of fighting. My wife and my daughter don't miss the fighting as do I. Not every game needs fighting to collect some fans. If Astroneer ever adds fighting mechanics, I sincerly hope they will be optional. There are not so many nice games, which you can play with kids without pew pew and need to hurry in any way. How about adding new modules for further space travel, new star systems and alien artifact puzzles
  2. Goemoe

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    The road map data has been updated. Interesting stuff, but no answer on why we will visit the next solar system
  3. Goemoe

    Multiplayer not working

    We found the solution per chance and it works even with linux. We both started a single player game and one could join the other while trying to end the game. Not the intuitive way to connect to each other, but it works fine so far.
  4. I tried a bunch of things to get a windows 7 and a linux PC to connect in multiplayer mode. I always got not joinable. Now I reinstalled another windows PC only to play in multiplayer. It is not working. I again get not joinable. Is there any known way to use this feature? 🙄
  5. Goemoe

    How do I get the linux version?

    I had some issues with the desktop settings, but now it seems to work properly. I can't get the two versions to see each other, but that is a different topic in a different thread.
  6. Goemoe


    Just finished installing a second version on linux via Proton. My first installation runs on Win 7. Both games are unable to connect in multiplayer. Sorry to hijack your thread without providing help, but it is a similar problem.
  7. Goemoe

    How do I get the linux version?

    Great answers, thank you both. I will attempt it tomorrow. 👍
  8. Hi there, I just buyed my second version of Astroneer to play with my family. I bought it from steam on a linux machine, but steam tells me Astroneer is not running on that kind of system. The roadmap tells otherwise and some people here in the forum talk about running their game on linux. And yes, I searched the forum, but found nothing to answer my question. So how do I get sweet Astroneer on my linux machine? Thanks