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    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    Awesome concept, and you have put so much effort to communicate it... great work, mate! I have a suggestion: knowing all the problems that the visible surface of the land is giving, as swallowed vehicles, resources, platforms and even players... Do you think a levitation train would fit to your idea? Perhaps it could be based on mobile platforms that levitate a meter above the surface, carrying their load between two stations
  2. I understand what you say, but if that were correct, it would be irrelevant to start modifying the ground directly under your feet or away from them, when you use the augment in the curved surfaces (gravitationally "flat") typical of Sylva's large plains. However, in the second case scenario, walls are risen that have nothing to do with the direction of gravity 😞 :-S
  3. I have nothing against the Excavate (normal use) or the Elevate (holding ALT) modes, as they seem to dig and raise terrain perpendicular to the core of the planet, as it should be. The flatten mode, however, shows different and hard to predict behaviours, seemingly influenced on where the camera is pointing, regardless of the selected polygon. I'm not 100% sure of that statement, the only thing i know for sure is that you never know what will be the result of its use. It even bugs the hard black soil in which the starting shelter is deploying. My simple suggestion for the Alignment augment(Flatten mode) rework: The most intuitive behaviour should be that flatten terraforming gets the distance to the center of the planet when you press CTRL, and then flattens the ground rendering the surface of the sphere with that particular radius, regardless of where the player is looking or the camera's angle. Shouldn't it be easy, predictable and useful then?
  4. Hi! One of the sign-up register questions to make sure I'm not a robot is "How many planets are there in the game?" The correct answer is five, because there are two moons, and not seven, as the system seems to expect. Only my two cents 😉
  5. Hello! When using this mod, I'm finding all kind of behaviors except what it could be expected. In particular, the following happens to me: * With normal use, it digs a hole perpendicular to the center of the planet * Pressing ALT, it grows a pillar perpendicular to the center of the planet * Pressing CTRL, creates a ¿vertical? wall, These three behaviors happen even if centering the pointer over a triangle as horizontal as possible. It's even deforming the initial undeformable black floor around the shelter. I'm 100% sure the augment is active, as the green ciclet around the plug glows, and i have few soil containers equipped and filled as well. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn't the normal use smooth the surface in a spherical form, around the planet?