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  1. I also think you should be able to sell atmospheric and processed resources. Maybe 1 full helium could be worth 10-20 AstroCoins. You could sell Nanocarbon Alloy for 200+ AstroCoins. Maybe even make the trade rocket need Hydrazine and electricity to get launched. Maybe the equivalent of 2 small batteries and 1/4 can of hydrazine.
  2. Trading is not good anymore. You used to be able to trade anything for anything, and I liked that. I also like scrap though. I think that you should sell your scrap for a certain amount of AstroCoins, and you can buy things for AstroCoins. Scrap could be worth 100, compound 25, resin 25, ammonium 50, astronium 300... Basically, you could sell things you can buy for a net loss, but it lets you buy resources without having to find debris or abuse the battery infinite scrap glitch.
  3. Tethers are broken. On my base on Sylva, I would get extreme lag whenever I would do anything with tethers. I assume this lag is caused by the game checking if a tether is powered, and to do that it needs to check all the tethers until there are no more tethers to check. I have to have oxygenators spread throughout my tether lines so I can actually explore. I have always wanted to cover an entire planet with tethers, but that would make my computer explode. pls fix
  4. I think there should be one you can sweep around and would be for vehicles and one that is like those stadium lights and is for lighting up a base
  5. Add RTG slot to the rocket (and let you take the bad RTG out of the habitat and put in the good one) add a space station (very very very very very modular, very very very very expensive) move the player's seating area to the top of the rocket for aesthetics make the large rocket hold 3 people add a solar panel upgrade to large rocket. (make a 3 prong socket or something like that and only make a certain solar panel have that slot)