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    Really, the only thing I've used a splitter for is its power measuring display; I put one in line from my power gen to my base to read how much power is moving through the system. Haven't actually split power between two things with it, though.
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    Have checked, and it is now 25 minutes. Guess it could still be useful with a lot of parallel researchers? I dunno.
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    Did it get changed in the update? Dang, gonna have to fact-check myself now. Brb
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    It's already amazing for research; one astronium gives 1000 bytes in 2 minutes or thereabouts, and you can pull a huge amount of astronium from its ore deposits.
  5. Notarobot

    Terrain tool constantly stutters.

    I have the same issue; it seems to be less pronounced the further the terrain cursor is from the player, though. I think it might be caused by the terrain recalculations interfering with where the player is standing. I've found that flattening is a lot smoother, and causes less jitters in the player.