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  1. Okay so one of us has much more RAM, another one of us has a faster CPU. and the third one has the fastest internet by a large margin... particularly upload. 8gb 3.7ghz 30 upload 16gb 2.8 ghz 10 upload 16 gb 3.7ghz and much newer processor but 4 upload Which would host in your opinion?
  2. Glad to see you are working on this but I think top preference according to all the posts I'm seeing should be fixing the load on the primary machine because multiplayer is still unplayable even at specs listed for the game being met on all machines. If you are reading these responses it would be great to get some info from you on what is more important, faster connection or higher spec computer as host.
  3. Hello, my friend cannot join my game after we played together yesterday. I tried to invite him through steam and he was able to launch from the invite but he cannot join the game. Your co-op system is confusing because the first player must launch the game as a solo game and then someone can join via their co-op menu. My son bought the game last night to join us but has not yet played, he will be refunding through steam if we cannot resolve the issue today, do not launch broken software. I also noticed that my computer's name Desktop-12345 is displayed on my character when I mouse over. This is not normal for any game, your game should not even be reading my system folders and files. I bought this game in EA and supported you by getting more players only to look bad for suggesting file reading unplayable garbage, how can you fix this?