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  1. Hello, I’m playing on Xbox so this may or may not work but it’s worth a try, have you tried loading into your own game and joining them directly from the start menu? That worked for my friend and I when he couldn’t join me.
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    Can't join friend in multiplayer??

    Hello, I’ve recently experienced this bug with my friend and may have found a solution on Xbox. When he tried to join my game it would try to load him in and fail then it would put him back in the menu. This seemed to happen because I left for another planet while he was gone and even when I came back he still couldn’t join. We got it to work with these steps in no particular order; 1. Both of us fully quit the game and relaunched from the menu 2. I was appearing offline and I switched that to appear online 3. He loaded into his own world and joined my game directly (without an invite) from the start menu while in his own game. An invite may or may not help, I couldn’t tell you for sure hopefully this works for all of you too. Happy exploring