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  1. macxeno

    Offline Unlocking

    How about being able to unlock and access stuff (suits, colors, achievements etc.) while off line? I have a PC that is small enough that I can take it to work but I don't dare connect it to the works internet, I want to keep my job. As you can see from the photo I have the 'thing' from Desolo planet engine but the colors are still lock (and no achievement) because I done it while offline. Other games on Steam allow you to unlock stuff offline so why not Astroneer?
  2. macxeno

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    1.0.7 (Steam) Tractor + 3 trailers = fine. Medium rover + 3 rover trailers = fine Large Rover + 3 L Rover trailers = STILL won't move. L Rover + 2 L Rover trailers moves but add a 3rd and it gets 'anchored'
  3. macxeno

    2 Faults

    Summary: Truck getting stuck. Closing Astroneer Description: Like others, I'm finding that if I add a 3rd large rover to train it goes nowhere. 2 large rovers is fine but 3 or more. Full length tractor is fine. On exiting the game I find that it won't shut down properly. It's done it every time I stopped playing in the last few days. This morning I had been playing and had to stop, I closed Astroneer but not Steam. Came back an hour later and was unable to restart Astroneer. I went to restart Steam but it reported that it was waiting for Astroneer to stop. I used the 'exit now' option to get Steam relaunched. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.4 Specifications: OS: Win 10 (build 17134) CPU: i5-6500 GPU: 1050Ti RAM: 16GB Drive: SSD