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  1. Flatulent Badger

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    Well considering that they have different sections in the options for controller and keyboard. I don't see why this couldn't be adjusted for JUST controller. Unless like mentioned before, this was a "stop-gap" measure while a more "robust" fix is being implemented.... (lets hope).
  2. Flatulent Badger

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    It was most likely a case of a number of controller users who didnt like it. And those who did, did not speak up. so it seemed the majority didnt like it. Hopefully this will highlight the general feeling towards the feature.
  3. Flatulent Badger

    Extra Large Landing Pad

    Its the tall one on a column, with plugs at the base and a broken ramp to the top. It has (i think) 2 large item slots and 2 small item slots on the top ring. You could do much more with this platform than you can with the current one.
  4. Flatulent Badger

    Extra Large Landing Pad

    My thoughts exactly. Exactly, im just researching for the sake of researching now. Having some variety in my bases (they all look the same. Same launch pad, same smelter etc etc.) And as @lost.ninja states. the model is already in game. so some wireup (as it works in tutorial and the previous tutorial in EA, it had working worklights etc) it should be "easy" to add to game... (i say "easy" as a software developer, not a game developer... it may not be easy, but from the outside it seems so).
  5. Flatulent Badger

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    There are separate bindings in the options for controller and keyboard, so surely they could have removed quick stow for JUST controller? Maybe it was easier to remove it entirely (as there are other ways) and they have planned to implement a new keybind/option for it (but this would have taken longer to implement). I just hope they bring it back in some form that is acceptable to all.
  6. Flatulent Badger

    STEAM - V1.0.9.0 - Large Rover Drill Sinking

    I had this on a lower spec PC (using the Terrain tool and i would sink). But not with Vehicles. I had successfully drilled around 4 other planets (activating all the big purples) with no issues.... Then go to Novus and i start sinking. Thinking it was just Novus, i went to Glacio, still sinking. I will be testing the previous planets later tonight again.
  7. Flatulent Badger

    STEAM - V1.0.9.0 - Large Rover Drill Sinking

    Better representation on "flat" ground... Start drill level. Starts to dip. Oh oh! im going down!
  8. I have an issue on novus where I have a Drill 3 on the front of a large rover. Standing still in the Rover. Hitting the Drill key (C in my case) the rover will be pushed under the terrain. Images show from start and 7 or 8 seconds later the rover is half under the terrain. I dare not let it continue..... I also have to dig it out.
  9. Flatulent Badger

    Extra Large Landing Pad

    I was exploring around exotic and happened across an extra large/tall landing pad with equipment slots and power plugs on it. Can we get a researchable, usable version of this pad?
  10. Selecting a landing spot on a planet which happens to not have "stable ground", the rocket does the landing animation, stops in mid-air and re takes off, spending your booster charge. This leaves you stuck on the planet as you can no longer leave orbit. This may be intended but thought I would raise it in-case it is not. I will make sure to head straight back to home if a failed landing occurs.... once i get off this god forsaken rock!
  11. Flatulent Badger

    STEAM - V1.0.7.0 - Major Map Tearing at Start of Game

    Reloaded the save and I can safely say that the tear is following a seam of hard rock. Some areas it appears to be a single pixel thick.
  12. I have started a new game and begun to dig near my starting area. When i got so far down, the map tore open. I did notice there was a tiny seam of harder rock on the position where the tearing started. SAVE_1$2019.02.27-20.18.12.savegame PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg
  13. Flatulent Badger

    STEAM - Game Not Exiting After Close -V1.0.4

    Doesn't seem to be affecting me on the latest build (as of today). But i have also switched machines to one with more CPU capability.
  14. Flatulent Badger

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    I get that there are ways of doing this. The thing I don't get is the rationale of removing a feature from the Windows platform which to me was not intrusive but rather useful. I personally hadn't seen any suggestions to remove it, only bring it back (but then again, my track record with using the search feature on this site is abysmal). Again, as with most things in the suggestions forum, they will all be subjective and the opinion of the poster. I personally would like at least an option (an un-bound key bind perhaps) to quick stow with hover and a key press. Rather than a click and key press. Especially since I am used to it this way.
  15. Flatulent Badger

    Precision Mod - Slow down terrain deformation

    No no, I did take it as an agreement. I was just adding to the thread with more justification (in case the gods *ahem* devs see this thread )