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  1. It's really that strait forward just look at the photos.
  2. I'm sure someone has brought this up but I'm gonna suggest it anyways sense i haven't heard anything about mod support for Windows and Xbox, I suggest a mod tab in-game for WIn and xbox in the main menu sense xbox and windows store apps cant be modded there's no way for either version to use mods there should official mod support that goes to console and windows players for that very reason, Nothing fancy probably just a button to enable/ disable mods on the left and right sides and something to detect mod compatibility for instabilities issues encase it breaks a save or something, Any confirmation on this would be appreciated ^.^
  3. Killerco1

    Patch 1.0.4 - February 9, 2019

    I'm playing on windows 10 with a good pc I've only had a few issues with lag just one time where it was unplayable but fixed itself after a re log, MP tho is just un-playable on my game I've only got 2 planets with tethers to the core so I'm not sure why it lags so much but i do hope it gets fixed so i can actually play with friends with more than 5 fps ^.^
  4. Update: I beat the game and saved went back into the save and still got sent to where my rover was, I've got the skin so idc about the progress I've lost i just hope they fix this bug soon so i can get back to playing Astroneer
  5. Hello moderator how's your day been? XD

  6. I was so damn close to beating the game , so close
  7. Yea I'm having one of the most annoying bugs yet, so lets start off with what happened first ( this will probably a long message >.> ) so i just finished the atrox planets puzzle stuff A.K.A power the node things around the planet overall that took 4ish hours ( i got lost alot ) and after that i went to my rocket dug a hole to the center of the core after that went to the core to check what resource i needed after i saw i went back to my ship flew to exotic which is where i set up my main base and grabbed 2 hydrogen for the center and the satellite after words i went to my rocket flew to atrox and tried landing in my last spot, after i clicked it i stated descending until i reached the surface and it started going back into orbit ( i was fairly sure i didnt press c or v ) after that i was in orbit but i couldn't select any landing spots and there was a ring where usually it only shows up when you go into the view for going to another planet i hovered over atrox and it showed i could select it, i thought that was odd so i selected it and didn't move but i could see the landing zones again so i selected my last location but i didn't even land this time i got about 15f from the ground not pressing anything and it sent me strait into orbit again so i did it again and same thing so i decided to load my last saved game from exotic when i started to leave but to my surprise i was sent to artox on my rover and when i saw i didn't get a node i thought maybe it only set me back 1 node so i went there filled it again and saw i was set back 3 node ( including that one ) so i tried loading my progress again but got sent back to where i first loaded in again went to the same node did it so i decide to save and exit the the menu and it crashed while in the processes i loaded the game again but still got sent back to where i loaded in so i went back to the node AGAIN just to save and exit to the menu this time i didn't crash after that i loaded back in to be reset again so i moved my seat and quick saved then left the game and went back into the game in the chair and then proceeded to the node powered it quick saved then left and when i loaded back in i got sent back to the rover :/, if anyone knows how to get my 4h of progress back i would really appreciate it, and i should also mention i cant get the terran or glacier suit and the colors are also locked same with the emotes, would be nice if i could get conformation about this VERY annoying issue - ty for any help