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  1. I figured this was probably the best place for this, but if it isn't I'll repost this in the correct sub-forum. My game has severe lag spikes in varying intervals, it's worse in caves but still happens in the overworld. It's definitely not my set up because it runs just fine when I put -nosound in the steam launch options, which means it's probably something with my soundcard. Whenever I was researching a solution that didn't include removing the sounds it seemed like the majority of the people who were having a similar issue had Realtek soundcards, which is what I have. I have no idea how to fix this, I've reinstalled the game, I've tried turning all of the options to the lowest possible, and I tried looking to see if my soundcard had an update but nothing worked. I'm not even sure if people still have this problem because I think the most recent post that I read was mid 2018. I'm on windows 10 64, please let me know if there is more information that I should provide.