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    Bug Report: - Steam - Tutorial not advancing

    Ran into the same bug, but in a different way. On the previous step, re-power the furnace, I connected the furnace up to what seemed to be the nearest power port, but the step wouldn't clear. I popped the Laterite in to see if that'd do it; it began smelting, but still no change to the quest line. I then noticed that it wanted me to connect a specific power port, so I connected that one up, and the step cleared. However, when the Laterite that had already started smelting completed, the "Smelt the Laterite" step wouldn't clear. I tried with three more Laterites in different slots of the furnace, but no good. I don't know if this is related, but I also can't get the small printer to work after this point. I power it up, plug in the resources, and can see the hologram of the thruster, but I can't interact with the printer in any way other than to pick it up again.